Best SEO Free tools

Do you want to generate traffic and attract potential customers to your Internet business? Would you like users to find your website more easily? This is possible, thanks to SEO. So you need the best SEO Free tools.

Looking for a list of the best SEO tools (or best web marketing tools)?

Then you will be served!

To facilitate your search, you will only have to use the filter system below.

In essence, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or search engine optimization, is created as a tool for web accessibility.

It is following the HTML guidelines to better identify the purpose and content in a document. . This means ensuring that web pages have unique page titles that adequately reflect their content, making it easier to find them.

There are also keyword headings and individual tags, meant to highlight the content itself.

What is SEO?

SEO was necessary initially because web developers often focused only on whether their coding worked, rather than thinking about user experience, let alone following guidelines for web publishing.

Nowadays it is important to know how to reach the client and respond to their needs directly.

SEO slowly changed as it became increasingly known that search engines used these “on page” signals to provide their “search engine results pages” (SERPs).

So, SEO was transformed as well because people were able to see that there was an advantage to getting higher rankings. They are taking advantage of natural and organic traffic. They need to maintain SEO rules and regulations due to reach the rank of their website or their keywords. So they have to use the best SEO Free tools.

In other words, if you have a good SEO strategy, your website will most likely rank as the first result in a Google search … which means that many users will click on your URL.

Today we can enjoy extremely advanced technology, and major search engines, such as Google, now process much more information.

Type of SEO

Technical SEO:

We are mainly talking about the accessibility of pages for Google and the Internet user.

UX (user experience):

your website must have good usability.


When you combine maintaining quantity and quality in your content, you will see big SEO results.


the last pillar is to talk about yourself on the web
Quite naturally, I have classified this long list of free SEO tools by pillar.

What does it do for you?

As they say … Google has the answers for everything. Today, this platform can examine data “external to the web page”. Thanks to semantic processing, the collection of user data, and the application of neural networks for machine learning patterns, trends, and personal preferences.

Amazing, right? Imagine what you could do with their help!

However, and even knowing this, the ideals of SEO remain the same from the beginning:

Ensuring that web pages have the correct tags, or “tags”, to target keywords, not only to natural search results but also to PPC (Pay Per Click) and other marketing campaigns.

Where the call to action (CTA) and conversion rates are essential indicators of success.

But how does a company know what are keywords to use in its business pages? How does a website filter transactional traffic with general site visitors?

And above all, how can that business increase its ability to capture targeted traffic from the Internet?

Here we list some tools that will help you do exactly that. You will have an excellent SEO report for your business.

If you are looking to start your SEO experience and want to achieve better results with minimal financial investment, here are the 5 best free SEO tools to use:

Best SEO Free tools for Competition Analysis:


This is the SEO tool of the moment.

Quite simply the best tool to analyze the keywords on which your competitors are positioned. And you can also do keyword research to analyze performance, as well as come up with ideas for new words to rank for.


SEMRush is extremely complete and efficient and available in The entire world.

Among the multitude of features it offers, it will allow you (among others) to obtain detailed information on your competitors’ strategies in terms of display advertising, organic and paid search, and link building.

So you will know all the ranking keywords used by your competitors. You can understand how they manage to generate more traffic than you.

You can get more ideas for content to create and then you can use winning keywords.

In short, the dream tool.


  • Competition Analysis,
  • Complete SEO Software,
  • Keyword Research,
  • Positioning Tracking
  • Free Trial (30 Days),


Limited-time free version

  • Freemium/ Paid
  • 99 / Month


Ahrefs back link chjeker

It is one of the largest databases SEO tools that have inbound links on the market.

You can create the best link for your site because Ahrefs allows you to audit the inbound links (backlinks) of all your competitors.

You can also analyze your own site to know its backlink profile (number of inbound links, origin, broken links, etc.).

I will use it every day for doing these tasks.


  • Competition Analysis,
  • Backlinks Analysis,
  • Complete SEO Software


  • Paid $ 99 / Month


  • Link building
  • Free Competition Analysis,
  • Paid $ 29 / Month

It is no doubt that link building is essential for increasing the authority of a site.

Sitec Hecker has a specialized tool called Backlink Checker.

The link checker shows:


  • The total number of outgoing links,
  • The number of referring domains,
  • Nofollow and Dofollow links,
  • Evaluating the distribution of URLs and domains;
  • The number of referring IPs.

If you audit your site, it is also necessary to compare it with the competition.

WooRank (Chrome extension)

Competition Analysis Free

You will get it free and add the extension to your Chrome browser. Then put your competitor’s site.

You will get your competitor’s Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also know the technology it uses, and an estimate of its traffic.

When it comes to performing an SEO analysis of a website, there are a whole series of parameters to take into account. And that’s exactly what Woorank is good at! This tool is among the most respected to perform a complete audit of its website, or that of a competitor. With a very pleasant interface, it is a tool to keep in mind to improve your SEO


  • A solution in French
  • A detailed and clear audit
  • A neat interface


Free solution limited to 14 days

Google Alerts

Google Alerts can be used to monitor mentions of your competitors, spy on their activity, and not get left behind.

Answer the Public

It is the largest Answer site on the planet. Answer the public is a search listening tool for marketers and customers. They get their all answers here.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can see how people find and interact with your site. Ok, we know, Google Analytics is not really an SEO tool … but it is almost impossible to run an SEO campaign without it. Why? Easy. The data in GA tells you if your SEO efforts are paying off or not. We talk about data like:

  • Organic traffic
  • Bounce Rate
  • Traffic sources
  • Time on site
  • Speed ​​on the page
  • Best feature: integration between Google Analytics and Google Search Consolegoogle anylatics

Google Analytics is super powerful on its own, but when combined with Google Search Console, it’s even MORE powerful. Linking your GSC account to GA connects you to useful information, such as the keywords people use to find your business, its organic CTR, and more cool stuff.

Ludo SLN Audit SEO

This software performs a complete analysis of your website and specific pages. You also get a whole host of, particularly useful optimization tips.

Visite here


A completely free SEO tool
Competitive analysis


Youth of the tool

Best SEO Free Tools for Google mobile optimization test

Mobile-Friendly Test

In terms of SEO, in recent months, Google has favored pages optimized for mobile. This evolution of the algorithm makes this test tool essential for understanding the actions to be taken to improve your mobile pages. Mobile-Friendly Test helps to give you information testing result that is important for SEO.

google mobile friendly test optimization


Complete analysis of mobile optimizations


No additional features
Some optimization tips are not essential

Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords is one of the best SEO Free tools for keyword research, with a whole host of features dedicated to this crucial part of SEO. You will be able to discover the best keyword opportunities on which to position yourself. The strength of this tool is that it offers a different approach, based on research scenarios. A must.


Several useful features to find the best keywords
The innovative method of keyword research


Dedicated only to keywords

PageSpeed ​​Insights

PageSpeed ​​Insights

Another very useful tool from Google for evaluating the loading speed of a web page. When we know that this is one of the most important factors for the SEO of web pages, this tool becomes all the more crucial to use. You get information on both your desktop and mobile version, which turns out to be very useful.

Visit this site


Comprehensive optimization advice series
Desktop and mobile optimization


Not all optimization proposals are always essential

Moz Local

If you are interested in SEO, chances are you’ve come across posts from Moz’s blog, one of the best in the business. But above all, it is an excellent tool for measuring your ranking in Google search results. A free and very interesting feature is offered by this tool, is Moz Local, which allows you to optimize your results in Google’s local searches, and to simplify your registration. Very useful for SMEs and local businesses.


The complete SEO tool suite
Optimization in local Google results


Limited free offer


If you are looking for a fast and reliable online duplicate content checker that can help you find the copier sites in seconds, then this online tool is the best one for you. The interface of this plagiarism detection tool is simple and easy to use.

Content plagiarism has become a serious problem, especially for website owners who may face SEO consequences from uploading pirated content. Search engines like Google don’t like duplicating page content and can throw a site at the bottom of the results if piracy is detected. So it is inevitable to use an online plagiarism checker that allows you to find any similarity of text content in a flash.

This online tool offers you free plagiarism detection. Moreover, you don’t need to create an account on a website to use this free tool. You can access this tool by simply clicking on small SEO tools


Get search volumes


Obligation to register on Google Adwords



To get a complete and in-depth analysis of your website, Seobility, a 100% free SEO tool, is quite simply one of the best online software tools available on the market. You will get a full report about the following indicators:

  • You’re slow to load pages
  • Blocked pages
  • Sitemap issues
  • SEO technical errors etc.


  • A complete diagnosis of your website
  • Indicators you won’t find elsewhere


  • A limited free offer
  • A little too technical for beginners



For once, I present to you this very complete French tool to carry out an SEO audit of your website. With the addition of active monitoring of your performance, Dareboost is clearly a tool to test as a beginner or advanced user. It works on website speed tests and website analysis. Besides, it is a free SEO tool.


Solution entirely in French
SEO audit
Performance monitoring


Limited free solution


This software allows you to see your website through the “eyes” of a search engine robot. You will be able to identify all the potential errors that lower your SEO. Browseo is your new web app that highlights your relevant SEO web page. Not very ergonomic but very useful!


SEO error analysis


Limited ergonomics


One of the best tools to analyze the positioning of your site and web pages in Google search results. With an intuitive interface, you can generate reports as often as you like and analyze the competition.


A clear interface
Keyword positioning analysis in Google


Limited free version


Quite simply one of the best-known keyword research tools because it is very intuitive!

It suffices to enter the keywords to obtain precise search volumes and even to know the difficulty of positioning on a keyword thanks to the analysis of the competition present on this keyword. Additionally, Ubersuggest will provide you with the average cost (CPC) of a keyword on Google Ads.


This tool offers an original way to find keywords. It allows you to analyze discussions and discussion topics in Reddit and allows you to contextualize this research. The advantage is finding keywords in real chat contexts. Keyworddit collects keywords from subreddit. It is also free and comes from reddit.


Context of the discussions
Alternative Keyword Research Method


Useful especially for searches in English

Google Analytics

There is no longer any need to present Google Analytics, the best website analysis tool, with an impressive series of indicators on the visits and visitors to your website. The tool also helps to get traffic from SEO and also offers the ability to connect to Google Search Console to get the information directly into Google Analytics. Still as important as part of an SEO strategy.

You can measure the ROI of your advertising. Yet you can track flash your video, social networking.


SEO traffic statistics
Login to Google Search console


Lots of stats, not all of them useful for SEO

Yoast for WordPress

Quite simply Yoast is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress users, with a whole host of very useful features and tips to easily improve SEO on WordPress.Though it has a premium version, it has many features in the free version. You can do all works of SEO using the free version.

So it is one of the Best SEO Free tools. WordPress created Yoast in 2008. It helps to rank millions of websites in search engines.


A lot of SEO features for WordPress
Sitemap generation
Optimization of descriptions


Only for WordPress

Panguin Tool

The idea of ​​this tool is very simple, but can potentially save your life depending on the situation. In summary, Panguin Tool analyzes whether a Google algorithm update has had a direct impact on your traffic. This allows you to find out what actions you need to take to “limit breakage” and improve your results.


Allows you to assess the impact of a Google update


Useful only in these specific cases


If you want to perform a free and efficient SEO audit of your website, Lipperhey is for you! A particular effort has been put on the readability of the reports with clear advice and graphics. Perfect for beginners in SEO.

It can make your site high rank because you will know what keywords are generating now. You can use it to rewrite your title and description.


Complete SEO audit
Readable and understandable graphics


Limited free offer


A free tool to obtain a complete SEO analysis of your website. Siteliner is a free duplicate content finder on your site. The advantage of this software is to offer a comparative analysis with the competition. Very practical, and easily overlooked the not very ergonomic interface of the report.


Free SEO Report
Competition analysis


Interface not ergonomic


This tool has developed an original way of researching keywords. The idea here is not to search for keywords but to identify the type of person doing that keyword research as well as the terms related to that keyword. An ideal complement to classic search tools.

Keys4Up is a semantic keyword research tool that helps to write your SEO-friendly article.


An alternative way to find keyword niches
Enables a better understanding of users


Should be used in addition to other keyword research tools

Detailed SEO extension

An alternative tool, but very interesting! Detailed tells you which sites are the most popular in your field, and which can be a great source of inspiration. Very silly, but very useful to better understand the competition and be inspired by it.


Lists of the best sites by domain


Strictly speaking, not an SEO tool

Varvy SEO Tool

A very simple and very effective tool to obtain a free SEO analysis of your website, as well as SEO optimization advice. The design of the report is not amazing, but the information obtained is nonetheless invaluable.

Varvy SEO tool is a page speed tool.


Free SEO Report


Interface not very pleasant

Site checker

This audit tool for your website is completely free and will allow you to run individual pages to check the SEO optimization that could be done, as well as things you need to fix. Some people may also refer to this process as “technical SEO.”

We’re going to run the Workup home page through Sitechecker as we dig deeper into the 156 different SEO data points it covers. These are just a few examples of things you can use the tool for:

  • Check your titles, descriptions, H1-H6 tags, and size on the page.
  • Find large images without titles or alternative attributes.
  • Find the mistakes in the technical optimization of the site search engine.
  • All external and internal links Scan on your website.
  • Check your Google score for usability and speed on desktop and mobile versions. Serpstat


It is one of the best and most popular free SEO tools. SEO specialists employed by companies like Shopify, Lenovo, and L’Oréal use Serpstat. The tool is an all-in-one platform for professionals. You can keep track of your classification, grouping keywords by tags.

Serpstat will tell you where your clicks are coming from. The backlink analysis in Serpstat is excellent. The only problem is that the index for links is still very new. Serpstat started collecting data on links just 2 years ago.

These are the things you can do with Serpstat:

  • Track your positions in the ranking.
  • Get full data on backlinks (available over 2 years).
  • Track strategies with backlinks on direct competitors.
  • Conduct extensive research with related keywords and suggestions.
  • Track technical SEO errors on your site (if they exist).


In the past, Google Keyword Planner (GKP) was the best tool for keyword research and forecasting user demand. If you wanted to see an online business flourish quickly, you turned to this Kparser.

However, and with the constant changes in market preferences… to achieve high results today, it is better to use a keyword tool. That tool is KPARSER. If you decide to use this tool, you will be able to find out more about the things that your clients or potential readers in Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay look for daily, and, therefore, be able to personalize the content of the website for your business, having taken into account the results found. Reaching your clients has never been so easy!

Do you know all the traffic you could generate?

Keep in mind that the more keyword suggestions you have, the more opportunities to increase SEO, PPC, content marketing, and e-commerce results for your business, too.

It’s no secret that to get lots of views on YouTube, it’s not enough just to create a great video. You have to understand how search algorithms work in video classification and under what conditions they work.

If you’ve used the keyword suggestion tool provided by YouTube in the past, you should have seen proportions between volume in search and level in competition. The higher the search volume, the higher the level in the competition. So if you go to Kparser and use long-tail keywords in the title, description, and tags, you will have a chance to get to the top by relevant queries quickly. This is not just a way to use keywords on YouTube. Kparser will help you generate a list with special suggestions for the user of the YouTube channel, the keywords of the channel, and the ideas of the video.

I hope this article shows you can do a lot with free SEO tools. And don’t forget Google, arguably the most powerful free SEO tool. You can use Google to find opportunities for guest posting, semantically related keywords (see the “related searches” section at the bottom of SERPs), and more.

Free SEO tools for technical SEO

Robots Exclusion Checker

Those who are internet users are essential accessibility of the pages as for Google. This small chrome extension allows us to see if the pages are accessible from Google’s point of view.

Google works in 3 steps :

Page analysis: we can control the analysis of pages thanks to the robots.txt file
The indexing of the pages: we can control the indexing thanks to the tag “No-index”

Ranking in search results:

The objects of all the SEO optimization of the site.

If Google blocks a page during the first two steps, the robot Exclusion Checker helps us to see it.

Google can not be able to read the page properly when one of the lights is red.


Nature: Chrome extension
Free: 100% free
Subject: Analysis of page accessibility
Visit the site

Broken Link Checker

A broken link checker is an important SEO tool. You can use it to analyze all the links on your website. For good visibility on Google, 100% of your links must be easily accessible, ie in code 200.

A link is in redirection (code 301) or error (code 404). So it is not ideal for Google. 100% of the entrepreneurs link errors. You probably have them too.

You will get an email from Broken Link Checker. Then it finds links that are not working well.

So, you can use these links in a single interface. It is significant time-saving.


Nature: WordPress plugin
Free: 100% free
Subject: Analysis of dead links
Access from the WordPress library

Screaming Frog

One of the ancestors of SEO tools, but still effective despite a somewhat austere interface. These are clearly the essentials of the SEO toolbox! The idea behind this tool is to simply “crawl” your website looking for all the URLs as well as the internal links of your website.


The best free SEO crawling tool

Links and pages with errors (301 and 404)



Nature: Software to download
Free: Free

sufficient free version (limited to 500 URLs)
Subject: Complete technical audit tool

Visite here

Google Search Console


With Google Search Console, you can receive SEO help directly from Google. What better advisor than Google? There is no full list of free SEO tools without Google Search Console. Why? Because GSC is a feature-rich piece of SEO software. Your business could flourish quickly and generate lots of traffic and leads. What are you waiting for?

And, unlike almost any other tool on the market, you can trust that the data is legitimate … after all, it comes from Google. For example, you can use the search console provided by Google as a ranked crawler to verify website positions in SERPs.

Google Search Console is THE solution to use to obtain results on any errors that prevent your site from being well referenced. You also have the possibility to send your sitemaps to indicate the pages to be indexed for Google. This is also where you get the results of your site and your pages in the search engine. It is impossible to do without it for SEO.


Indicates indexing errors
Performs Google results
Several practical tools


Results only for Google (and not other search engines)

Free SEO tools for UX


It can give you the loading time of a page. So it is a very interesting tool. The tool shows you a score out of 100. It also tells us the overall loading time. But that’s not all, Dareboost goes a little further by analyzing the ergonomics, quality, or security of the page. The tool gives us a lot of advice on what has been analyzed and then we can take action. But this advice is quite technical. You can use the tool to track your loading time.

You can get 5 free analyses when you create an account here.


Nature: Online solution
Free: Freemium
Subject: UX Analysis

Think With Google

Google provides us a free SEO tool. It is more comprehensive than Page Speed Insight. This tool focuses only on mobile load time. 50% of Internet users use mobile and that Google attaches great importance to the mobile version of a site, I find this tool really interesting for the mobile version.

So, you can test your mobile with a 3G and 4G network using it, but also to compare several pages (internal or external).
Then it is possible to receive a full report by email with indications to improve the mobile version.


Nature: Online solution
Free: 100% free
Subject: Loading time analysis
Visit the website



GTmetrix is similar to Dareboost in the different that the tool is really focused on load time. Everybody knows that it is a very complete and very interesting tool. For the others, the tool gives us a performance rating (A, B, C, D, or F), but the most important remains the “fully loaded time”. This must be the closest to zero.

We know that recommendation of charging time should be less than 3 seconds.

I advise you to create a free account, you can control the settings and test the desktop and mobile versions of your website separately.


Nature: Online solution
Free: Free
Subject: Loading time analysis
Visit the website


Dotcom tools are used as page-load analysis tools. It is a free SEO tool that is especially dedicated to multilingual websites that reach an international clientele. You can use it to test your site’s loading time on servers around the world. Then you can be able to know how your site is loaded in the different countries that you touch.


Nature: Online solution
Free: Freemium
Subject: Loading time analysis
Visit the website

Free SEO tools for content

Table Of Content More

Table Of Content More

This WordPress plugin is dedicated to blogging posts. Once configured, it works by itself. If you want to create your content summary, the plugin will use the Hn tags in the article. Besides, it is very good for the navigation of the Net surfer. As a result, it helps to add “Rich Snippets” in the search results. These links are directly under the meta description tag.


Nature: WordPress plugin
Free: 100% free
Subject: Adding a summary
Available from the WordPress library

Visite the site

Yooda Insight

Yooda Insight is an online solution. I use it most often in my SEO strategy. Like Ubersuggest, it’s a keyword research tool. The version is limited to 10 keyword suggestions. So it is one of the best data collectors tools. So it is better than Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest.


Nature: Online solution
Free: Free
Subject: Keyword research
Visit the website

Also Asked

Also Asked is very similar to Answer The Public except that it goes beyond simple keyword research. This tool is an SEO tool. It allows using the semantic cocoon technique. You can optimize your whole website naturally using these tools from a request.


Nature: Online solution
Free: 100% free
Subject: Keyword research
Visit the website


In a previous article, I talked about the 3 steps to optimize a page for Google. It depends on the weighted density of a keyword depends.

So, it is important to choose your keyword well. You can choose its location on the page. It analyzes the content of a page. So, it also indicates the occurrence of requests but also their weight according to their locations (Title, Hn Tags, in bold…). So, it is a very good free SEO tool. You can check the optimization of your content.


Nature: Online solution
Free: Free
Subject: Content analysis
Visit the website

Extract People Also Search

It is a Chrome extension working directly in search results. We are using it for keyword research. Very useful for analyzing competitors, Extract People Also Search shows the keywords typed into Google to find each page of the search results. This is a way to display Google data from the “Related Search” section, but for each page.


Nature: Chrome Extension
Free: 100% free
Subject: SERP Analysis
Visit the website

Keyword Surfer

It is a simple keyword research tool using Google Search. Keyword Surfer is the ideal tool. Besides, it shows us the search volumes for each keyword typed.


Nature: Chrome Extension
Free: 100% free
Subject: SERP Analysis
Visit the website

Control of Hn tags

This is a 100% free tool. The SEO experts of the Webrankinfo forum bring it to us. So, you can check the correct architecture of the Hn tags of a URL. It reminds us the Hn tags structure the content of a page. They are the titles and sub-titles. On WordPress, they are called “Title 1” – “Title 2” … From an HTML code point of view, we are talking about tags H1 (page title), H2 (subtitle), H3, H4, H5, H6.

You can optimize your content using these tags that help to get google rank. This is the basis of a good WordPress website design.


Nature: Online solution
Free: 100% free
Subject: analysis of Hn tags
Visit the website


Optimizilla is an online image compression tool. You know, for a good natural referencing, you have to have a fast site to load. Page loading time is due to the images. It is one of the first factors of a long loading time. Try to reduce the size of your images and their weight so that they are less than 100KB. If you get fast your site, you must avoid the PNG format. You need to enter your images in Optimizilla that reduces the size of the images without losing quality.


Nature: Online solution
Free: 100% free
Subject: Image compression
Visit the website


Scribens is a free service to correct spelling mistakes. You will get a lot of free tools online in this area but it is the most powerful that I have found.

It is a grammar checker online tool.


Nature: Online solution
Free: Free online tool
Subject: Spelling correction
Visit the website

Free SEO tools for backlinks

Majestic Backlinks Analyzer

Majestic SEO is a website backlink analyzer. Unfortunately, it is a paid tool and the tool costs several hundred dollars each month. You can get it free and there is a way to get around this limitation a bit. Besides, you can download the tool’s Chrome extension and install it on your browser. You can use it for free and gives the main information of a website without limit.

Remember especially:

It gives you the Trust Flow of the page. And it also gives you the domain (20/100 is already a good TF)
The number of referring domains for the page and the domain (the more referring domains, the more people talking about you)


Nature: Chrome Extension
Free: Freemium
Subject: Analysis of backlinks
Visit the website

Open Link Profiler

open Link Profiler

Open Link Profiler is one of the most complete SEO backlink analysis tools in their free version that needs to rank your website. You can do a quick analysis of links pointing to a website, great. Then you will be able to collect the most important information and it is also very intuitive.


Nature: Online solution
Free: Freemium
Subject: Analysis of backlinks
Visit the website

Open Link Profiler Min backlink audit tool

Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO offers a “backlinks checker”. It likes the previous tool offering a lot of data in a free version. You can use the combination of these 2 tools that can provide you with a lot of information on the backlink profile of the analyzed site.


Nature: Online solution
Free: Freemium
Subject: Analysis of backlinks
Visit the website

Time Dealer

Dealer De Temps is a recent tool dedicated to finding backlinks if you want to get them. It is The service that offers the exchange of guest articles between its members. You can gain backlinks in this way and boost your website content. The tool works with a system of credits and you earn credits by accepting an article on your website. Then you can use these credits to go. Then you can publish an article on another site.


Nature: Online solution
Free: Free
Subject: Find backlinks
Visit the website

Free SEO tools for SEO analysis and monitoring

I mention the Best SEO Free tools below for analysis and monitoring my site.



Monitorank is a tool dedicated to tracking SEO positions for your website. It is one of the most complete tools on the market. When it allows you, you can track the positions of each website on mobile and desktop.

In its free version, you can only track 10 keywords but that’s more than enough when you start an SEO strategy. When you will get more traffic, it will be a very affordable SEO tool.


Nature: Online solution
Subject: Monitoring of SEO positions
Visit the website

SEO Hero Ninja

It is a very useful free SEO tool. You can test these positions in real-time. Firstly you need to enter a keyword and a URL. Then you can check the position on which the keyword ranks.


Nature: Online solution
Free: 100% Free
Subject: Monitoring of SEO positions
Visit the website

Detailed SEO Extension

This is a Chrome extension completing for analyzing the main elements of a website. It is free and opens directly in the pop-up. When it allows in particular to export the data of the links, the images of a page in one go.


Nature: Chrome Extension
Free: Free
Subject: SEO audit
Visit the website

SEO Optimizer

Seo Optimer is a complete SEO audit tool.  It is more much than the previous chrome extension. Besides, you can not replace it instead with a premium SEO audit tool. It works to test dozens of SEO criteria on the 4 major pillars of SEO.

Nature: Online solution
Free: 100% free
Subject: SEO audit
Visit the website

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is another chrome extension. It allows you to perform mini SEO audits. Besides, it differs from the previous tools because it also acts in the search results. This is the extension that gives some interesting data on each page such as the authority of the domain (backlinks), its age, or the number of indexed pages of the site.


Nature: Chrome Extension
Free: 100% free
Subject: SEO audit
Visit the website


Siteliner is a free SEO tool. It analyzes internal duplicate content. You know that copy and paste isn’t great for your visibility, either internally or externally. Siteliner allows you to analyze 100% of the pages on your site (or that of a competitor) to find duplicate content.


Nature: Online solution
Free: 100% free
Subject: Analysis of internal duplicate content
Visit the website


Like small SEO tools, Copyscape helps you to analyze a page finding duplicate content. But the tool is focusing this time on external content that creates duplicates. So it’s a great tool to check if someone is copying you. In the free version, you have some limitations. So, you can analyze each page one by one. On the other hand, You have to go through the premium version to analyze all the websites at a time.


Nature: Online solution
Free: Free

Subject: Analysis of external duplicate content
Visit the website

Build with

This freemium tool is already well known. It is the technologies analyzer of a site. When you enter a URL, you can learn just about everything about the technologies a site uses. On the other hand, you have to know a little about it. Because the information is quite technical. Besides, it’s interesting to use it to find out if a website is using WordPress. And what plugins are installed?


Nature: Online solution
Free: Freemium
Subject: Site analysis
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Hotjar is a very interesting tool. It goes beyond SEO to analyze user experience. It is a tool that allows you to do two things mainly:

Create heatmaps: It analyzes the places on a page that are the most studied and/or clicked by the Internet user

Record internet user sessions on video:

The videos and see what the internet user did on your site.
It is a very good tool for carrying out user tests. You can improve the ergonomics and navigation of your site.


Nature: Online solution
Free: Free
Subject: Site analysis
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Free Email Marketing Tools for SEO


Email Marketing Free, Paying $ 49 / Month

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Dear Norbert does much the same as Hunter, and you can get the same number of email addresses for free.

It also has (paid) features such as “enrichment” of the email list with data which will provide a little more context to approach your prospects.

Email Marketing Free, Paying $49  / Month

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The key tool for finding email addresses.

With the free version, you can already search 50 email addresses per month linked to a website or a name.


Content Creation Free Trial (3 Days), Paid 49 $ / Month Visit The Site

Need to rewrite articles automatically but with the same result as what you would have written manually?

Look no further, Wordai has taken up this bet.

Spinner chief

Creation Free Content, Paid 175 $

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Similar to TheBestSpinner but still less pleasant to use.

However, you can access a completely free version.

Works with more than 20 languages ​​including French.

HubSpot Email Marketing

Email Marketing Free, Paying 46 / Month

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You will get access to dozens of free CRM and Marketing features from Hubspot.

You can work in a team and create your list of contacts, send up to 2000 emails/month, access the drag-and-drop email builder and other models to automate your emailing campaigns… among others.

Best SEO Free tools for Keyword research

Google keyword planning

Keyword Research Free

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When you want to choose the right keywords for your content, you need to use the google keyword planner tool. First, you have opened a Google AdWords account

The Google keyword research tool is fully accessible, only It can help you find a wide range of keyword ideas and related data that you can use for content marketing and SEO, or your Adwords campaigns.

The only problem is that it only allows you to see keywords very close to what you typed… (no “broad match” available).

Besides, it does not make it possible to distinguish the search volume according to the types of devices.

Market Samurai

Keyword Research Free Trial (12 Days), Paid $ 149

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It is a keyword analysis tool. This tool has very complete and powerful keyword research and competitive analysis module.

One of the best that I know of.

Long Tail Pro

Keyword Research Free Trial (7 Days), Paid $ 37 / Month

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A great tool for finding long-tail keywords quickly.

To learn more about this tool, you can read my tutorial on Long Tail pro.

Keyword Researcher

Free Keyword Research, Paid $ 37

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A very good tool for generating keyword ideas and compatible with Google Keyword Planner and Google Alerts.

Keyword Shitter

Keyword Research Free

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As its name suggests … this tool can generate (let’s be polite) keyword ideas galore.

He gets his suggestions from Google’s “autocomplete” feature.

This basic tool will not show you the search volume, so you will need to use another tool like “Keywords Everywhere” for example (see a little further down in the list).

I especially advise you to use this tool to find ideas for keywords that you had not thought of.

You can use its positive filter which allows you to find keywords including such and such a word.

Its negative filter, meanwhile, allows you to exclude words from your search.

AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

Keyword Research Free/paid

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It is created by Dan Zambonini.This tool has the particularity of combining a multitude of lists of keywords by carrying out all the possible permutations.

It offers 3 fields:

“List 1”,
“List 2”
and “list 3”
These fields allow you to list respectively, for example, a list of adjectives (eg: best), a list of products or services (eg: lawyer), and a list of complementary words (eg: in Paris).

The result is a big list of long-tail keywords with all the combinations.

For example: “Best lawyer in Paris”, “Best law firm in Paris region” etc …

Keywords Everywhere

Free Keyword Research, Paid $ 10

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This Chrome (or Firefox) extension lets you know search volume, Cost Per Click (CPC), and competitor data.

You can use it on all of your favorite sites, like Google, eBay, Amazon, Answer the Public, Keyword Shitter, and more.

This means that you can combine for example “Keyword Shitter” with “Keywords Everywhere”…. you will thus have the search volume for all the keywords generated… excellent!

To test absolutely.

WordTracker Scout

Keyword Research Free

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Another Chrome extension.

When browsing a page, all you need to do is click on the extension icon to view all the keywords on the page.

The tool filters by word count and tells you the search volume for each keyword.

Not to be confused with the complete Wordtracker tool, which is chargeable after a trial version.


Keyword Research Free Trial (10 Days), Paid $ 49 / Month

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You need the best long-tail keywords for your business. So This keyword research tool helps you to get it.

Google’s keyword planner is a good tool. You can use KWfinder instead of Google’s keyword planner. So it can show the exact monthly search volume, as well as other useful SEO metrics.

Enter a keyword. Then select a language (including English), and target your search to a country or a city.

Then you will get a ton of long-tail keywords related to your search using it, along with their search volume, CPC, and more.

Exploding Topics

Keyword Research Free

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The free secret boot: analyzing millions of requests, conversations, mentions … across the web reveals emerging trends in a variety of categories, so you know what to bet on, at the right time.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

Link Creation Free Trial, Paid 106.8

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The real little Swiss Army knife of link building, integrated with more than 120 platforms.

Perfect for automating the creation of level 2 and 3 links (tier 2, tier 3).

Best SEO Free tools for Link building


Creation Of Freemium Links, Paying 20

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Collect the best-expired domain names to boost your SEO.

Every day, websites with authority and SEO history (backlinks and Google positioning) are abandoned and expire.

Thanks to Youdot, collect them, create SEO-optimized content sites on them and add contextualized backlinks that will transmit authority to the site you want to rank.

Link Emperor

Link Building Free Trial (7 Days), Paid $ 147 / Month

visit site
This tool allows you to build backlinks easily, especially from private blog networks.

Very good tool.


Creation Of Links Freemium, visiting 97 $ / Month

The Site
Create and manage your private blogging networks with ease with RankWyz.

This tool includes a wide range of features to manage everything.


Backlinks Analysis

Inspyder Backlink Monitor
Freemium Backlinks Analysis, Paid 72 $ Visit The Site
Allows you to control all your inbound links.

Very easy to use.

With the free version, manage up to 50 backlinks.

SEO SpyGlass

Freemium Backlinks Analysis 299 / Year

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It allows you to discover the backlinks of your competitors by detailing all the metrics composing them.

Very useful for analyzing the backlink profile of your own website.

Available on the planet.

Best SEO Free tools for Link building

Link Assistant

Creation Of Freemium Links, Paying 299  / Year

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This tool is an integral part of the SEO Powersuite software suite.

Among other things, it allows you to find link-building opportunities.

SENuke XCR / SEnuke TNG

Link Building Free Trial (7 Days), Paid $ 97 / Month

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SENuke XCR is a very complete (tier 1) link-building tool although quite expensive when the trial version has expired.

I advise you to fully test its trial version.

Magic Submitter

Link Building Free Trial (30 Days), Paid $ 67 / Month

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In terms of functionality, it largely rivals SENuke XCR.

It can post just about any type of content, videos, news articles, etc.

However, I find the ease of use very average.

Wayback Machine

Link Creation Free Visit The Site
Take a trip down memory lane: enter the URLs of broken links to find the content of the pages they referred to.

You will then propose to replace this lost content with your own, by contacting the sites carrying these links.

And then go back to the future.

Best SEO Free Tools for SEO audit

RM Tech

Free SEO Audit, Paying 39 / Year

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RM Tech is an online SEO audit tool, freemium (there is a free and paid version).

It is composed of a crawler and an analyzer with algorithms developed by the SEO experts of My Ranking Metrics.

It is supplemented by data collected in third-party tools (Google Analytics and Google Search Console).

As output, it provides an audit report (detailed explanations, progressive progression, tables, and graphs) as well as all the data (CSV and Excel formats).

Raven Tools

SEO Audit, Complete SEO Software Free Trial (7 Days), Paid 39 $ / Month

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Raven includes a suite of SEO tools allowing, among other things, to crawl your site and perform a complete SEO audit, and list all the problems encountered. It provides us white level SEO reporet.

It also discusses social media, content, PPC, and more. Try!

Website Auditor

Free SEO Audit, Paying 299  / Year

Visit The Site
Part of the SEO Powersuite software suite.

Website Auditor allows you to crawl your site and detect any problems found on your site

Xenu Link Sleuth

Free SEO Audit Visit The Site
a free, easy-to-use tool to audit your site and detect dead links, for example

Pingdom Tools

SEO Audit Free Trial (13 Days) 8.33  / Month

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Test how fast your site loads from different places.

Webpage Test

Free SEO Audit

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Allows you to test the loading speed from a large panel of servers located around the world, and to perform the tests with a wide variety of browsers.

Competition Analysis

Rank tracker

Competition Analysis, Keyword Research, Positioning Tracking

Free Trial (10 Days), Paid $ 58 / Month

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Rank Tracker is a platform that allows you to track positions, but not just that.

It also allows you to research keywords and analyze the competition.

Best SEO Free tools for Position tracking

SEO Power suite Rank Tracker

Free Positioning Monitoring, Paying $299  / Year

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An integral part of the SEO Powersuite software suite, this tool is to my knowledge the best in terms of ranking tracking.


Positioning Tracking Free Trial (30 Days), Paid $ 30 / Month Visit The Site
Track positions on all your keywords.

SerpBook checks your ranking ten times a day and offers complete reports.

CuteRank (Rankaware)

Freemium Positioning Tracking, Paying $ 49 Visit The Site
This tool allows you to analyze your rankings very easily.

Also available for Mac.


Free Positioning Monitoring, Paying $ 49 / Month

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SERPWoo follows your positioning in-depth, and with a history.

The Free version, a little light, allows you to follow 3 words per project.

Also check the status of SERPs on a keyword and their “volatility”, ie their tendency to change more or less quickly.

AMZ Tracker

Positioning Tracking Free Trial (7 Days), Paid $ 50 / Month

Visit The Site
Indispensable if you sell products on Amazon, this tool tracks your sales position on and the country of your choice.

Bright Local

Positioning Tracking Free Trial (14 Days), Free, Paid $ 29 / Month

Visit The Site
The Local Search Rank Checker will be your ally if you work on your local SEO.

In particular, it provides you with each Google results page free of charge for a local query (query including a geographical indication) AND localized (query made from a specific location).

Best SEO Free tools for Complete SEO software


Complete SEO Software Paying 69/ Month

Visit The Site
Imagine that you have a tool that uses specific functions just like Moz, Pingdom, Majestic SEO, SEMRUSH, and so on …

all this on a single interface.

This suite of 45 Tools will blow you away!

You must certainly tell yourself that it must cost “an arm”.

Not at all…

SEO Powersuite

Complete SEO Software Free, Paying 299 / Month

Visit The Site
Get a free (or paid) version of RankTracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass, and Link Assistant!

For more information on SEO PowerSuite, you can read my tutorial on SEO Powersuite.

Requires Java download.

SEO Tools for Excel

Complete SEO Software Free Trial (14 Days), Paid 69.30/ Year

Visit The Site
A great plugin (extension) for Excel that allows you to extract a large amount of data and metrics.

This tool can even connect to your Google Analytics account to create ultra-powerful dashboards.

It was free, but it is no longer.

SEO Spyder

Complete SEO Software Freemium, Paid 99 $

Visit The Site
Tool developed exclusively for MAC.

SEO Spyder crawls your site and lists all the errors for repair.


Complete SEO Software Free Trial (14 Days), Paid 27.53 / Month

Visit The Site
A compendium of the best SEO tools on the market.

The only difference lies in a watchword, simplicity.

It was designed to meet the daily expectations of entrepreneurs and optimize their time thanks to a configuration and an interface that is as easy as possible.

Position tracking, competitor monitoring, notifications and alerts, page analysis, backlink verification and opportunities, keyword generator, and many more.


Complete SEO Software Free Trial (14 Days), Paid $ 39 / Month

Visit Site
Another complete SEO tool suite that you can take advantage of with the free pro trial for two weeks.

And the platform is translated into French, which is not unpleasant.


Complete SEO Software Free Trial (30 Days), Free, Paid $ 99 / Month

Visit The Site
Moz is a classic among comprehensive SEO toolkits.

It’s not the cheapest but you can opt for a 30-day free trial or even create an account and use their free services, namely:

Link Explorer (10 queries and 50 rows of data per query each month),
Keyword Explorer (10 additional queries on the same account),
and MozBar (metrics bar directly integrated into your Chrome browser).

Social media tools


Social Media Tools Free Trial (14 Days), Paid $ 49 / Month

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This tool considerably increases the number of Twitter Followers corresponding to your areas of interest.

It allows you to grow your audience on Twitter.


Tools For Social Networks Free, Paid 199

Visit The Site
Developed by the SEO Powersuite team, this tool can dramatically and easily increase your popularity on the Web.

So you can access all comments and discussions in forums, blogs, social networks, Q / A sites according to the keywords you enter.

It will help you to find your audience and increase your traffic day after day …


Social Media Tools Free Trial (3 Days), Paid $ 12 / Month

Visit The Site
SociSynd allows you to multiply social signals Facebook Likes & shares, Pinterest Pins, tweets, etc. on any URL!

On a mac, it works with “virtual box” or “parallels” or a VPS.


Social Media Tools Free Trial (7 Days), Paid $ 39 / Month

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A service to create social signals for your site, at the pace you want.

The DripRevolution team manually performs the creation of social signals through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Youtube, and many more!


Tools For Social Networks Free Trial (30 Days), Paid 25/ Month

Visit The Site
It allows you to manage your social networks Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

You can plan the dates and times to post your content on social networks.

Give it a try!


Social Media Tools Free

Visit The Site
Twitter tool in desktop application version that allows you to manage your Twitter account.


Social Media Tools Free Trial (14 Days), Paid $ 15

Visit Site
Connect your social media accounts to Buffer to easily share your content according to your schedule on your social media.


Social Media Tools Free Trial (14 Days), Paid $ 588 / Month

Visit Site
Tool to create Facebook ads in the same way as with Power Editor but much simpler.

You can create campaigns quickly by specifying the campaign name and targeting details.

When you create your ads with AdEspresso you can configure and test different variations very easily.

This tool can automatically test different images, headlines, ad content, etc.

Then just post the ad directly to Facebook and when it is approved, you will start to see the results appear in front of your eyes.


Tools For Social Networks Free Trial (28 Days), Paid 99 / Month

Visit The Site
A social media management tool that works with the biggest social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Linkedin.

You can manage messages, schedule and share posts, and measure all your social activities.

AgoraPulse also includes a suite of applications to build engagement with your fans and followers.

These applications allow, among other things, to launch competitions, quizzes, You can use them to run competitions, quizzes, lotteries, etc.

It also offers a downloadable and customizable performance analytical report.


Social Media Tools Free Trial (14 Days), Paid $ 49 / Month

Visit The Site
Social media monitoring tool allowing you to track mentions about your company/brand or those of your competitors, located on social media, blogs, forums, etc.

You will first need to choose keywords on which to monitor.

It is possible to exclude keywords and to carry out monitoring only on the sites selected by you.

Brand24 has iPhone and Android applications and allows you to receive email alerts.

This tool also allows you to create colorful reports, export the report to Excel, or automatically generate a graphical report in the form of an infographic.

Finally, he performs sentimental analyzes, I e he sorts by positive, negative, and neutral mentions.

Schedugr. am (Sked Social)

Tools For Social Networks Free Trial (7 Days), Paid $22  / Month

Visit The Site
It is a planning tool for Instagram.

It allows the management of multiple accounts and allows you to schedule videos and images.

When content is sent, it is then saved so that you can easily and regularly re-share it.

You can add multiple users to schedule your posts to your Instagram accounts and see who posted what.

Sprout Social

Social Media Tools Free Trial (30 Days), Paid $ 99 / Month

Visit Site
Social media management platform for companies, to interact most effectively with customers and prospects.


WordPress Plugins Free Trial (14 Days), Paid 89 $ / Year

Visit The Site
This auto-blogging plugin offers an incredible amount of features, but among other things, it is capable of generating unique content from articles from a wide variety of resources.

With this plugin, you can produce high-quality, auto-feed blogs which are perfect for building level 1 back-links.

Thirsty Affiliates

WordPress Free Plugins, Paying $ 49 / Year

Visit The Site
I use this tool on my blog to manage all of my affiliate links.

Very easy to use with supporting statistics.

Among other things, it allows you to replace the original affiliate links with more visually digestible URLs.

Yoast SEO

Free WordPress Plugins, Paid $89

Visit The Site
This WordPress plugin turns out to be a great help to easily and quickly optimize your site (on-page SEO) to obtain better results.

But beware, the success of your SEO campaign does not rely solely on an SEO plugin!

He is only there to assist you, no more.

For example, it helps you keep your content in line with Google’s requirements by offering content analysis, easy management of Meta tags, and rich snippets, among others.

It also includes features related to social networks.

If your site is on WordPress, it is without a doubt one of the best SEOs.


Free WordPress Plugins

Visit The Site
Rank Math is a recent and very complete WordPress plugin that gives you your SEO optimization score.

With its multiple modules, you can automate the improvement of your on-page and technical SEO.

Competitor of Yoast SEO, it takes care of transferring your data from one plugin to another.

Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation Free, Paying $ 24.99 / Month

Visit The Site
It is a great tool for automating your marketing tasks.

It allows different tools to be interconnected with each other and to synchronize and automate tasks using triggers and actions to be applied.

Each connection and action forms a ZAP.

Here is an example from Zap: “when someone books an appointment via a tool like ‘schedule once (trigger), add the contact in an emailing tool like Mailchimp (action)”.

There is currently the possibility to interconnect more than 500 applications & services.

Best SEO Free tools for Analysis and testing

Google analytics

Analysis And Test Free

Visit The Site
It is (by far) the best tool available to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and the performance of your website.

This tool gives you an in-depth look at everything that’s going on on your site – from visitor behavior & characteristics to conversions, knowledge of traffic sources, page views, bounce rates, referral sites, and more. ‘on the way…

Google Analytics also integrates with Adwords, which allows you to measure and optimize your campaigns.

Visual Website Optimizer

Analysis And Testing Free Trial (30 Days), Paid $ 99 / Month

Visit The Site
This tool allows you to perform A / B tests, among others.

It is very easy to use.

You can set up and run tests in minutes, without any help.

To use the tool for A / B testing, just copy / paste a snippet code into your website.

Then you can perform as many tests as you want, on any page of your site.

Its ‘drag & drop’ function allows you to easily change the elements of the page.

VWO also allows you to track revenue, signups, clicks, engagement, and other conversion goals.


Analysis And Test Free Trial, Paid 6000  / Year

Visit The Site
It is a very powerful social media analysis tool.

It provides very comprehensive analyzes and allows monitoring via a large panel of platforms.

The coverage area extends beyond 150 million sites and 10 social networks.

It allows monitoring with 187 languages.

Rival IQ

Analysis And Test Free Trial (14 Days), Paid 198 $ / Month

Visit The Site
Rival IQ is a competitive analysis tool.

You just have to indicate and configure all the competitors of your choice in the tool to follow them up, to make monitoring to compare the analytical data of their marketing with those of your Marketing.

The tool allows you to compare performance on social networks, organic keywords, site content.

Rival IQ allows you to track the audience’s evolution in terms of your competitors’ Followers, their best content, the volume of mentions, the organic traffic they get, and more.

It’s the perfect tool to track the strengths and weaknesses of all of your competitors, over time.


Analysis And Test Free Visit The Site
A simple simulator in which you enter the title, meta description, and URL data of your page project to discover how it looks on the SERP.

Rich results test

Analysis And Test Free Visit The Site
In French: “Test des results enrich”.

Enter a URL in the search bar to see if this page can be compatible with rich results on Google (the rich snippets integrated into the search result in the form of a special display, for better visibility).

Google mobile optimization test

Analysis And Test Free Visit The Site
Quickly analyze the mobile ergonomics of a page on your site… it’s essential.


Analysis And Test Free Trial (14 Days), Paid $ 80 / Month Visit The Site
As the name suggests, Unbounce helps you lower your bounce rate… and it does from your landing pages.

Build, tune, publish and test landing pages (many templates are available).


Analysis And Test Paid $ 2000 / Month Visit The Site
Oracle suite software (Oracle Marketing Cloud).

Maxymiser tests multiple aspects of your site and runs multiple tests at once.

You can customize the channels to test the journey of different types of users.

Considering its price, it is rather intended for companies of substantial size.


Analysis And Test Paid $ 50,000 / Year

Visit The Site
With this powerful A / B testing tool, create multiple versions of your site to choose the one that works best for each type of user.


Free Analysis And Test, Paying $ 999 / Month Visit The Site
Woopra is dedicated to customer journeys on the sites of e-commerce companies: the idea is in particular to resolve the issue of cart abandonment as much as possible.


Analysis And Test Paid $ 299 / Month

Visit The Site
If you have a SaaS or an e-commerce site, Kissmetrics (which migrated its domain following the takeover of by Neil Patel) aims to precisely analyze the user journey and refine your process as much as possible. conversion.

Best SEO Free tools for Content Marketing


Content Marketing Free, Paying $ 72 / Year

Visit The Site
A great tool that lets you collect and read content from all your favorite blogs.

You can subscribe to as many RSS feeds as you want and organize the content according to the corresponding categories.

It’s the easiest tool to curate content from your favorite posts.

You can save or share the posts on your social media accounts directly from the Feedly interface.

Available in the web version and Android and IOS mobile applications.


Content Marketing Free Trial (14 Days), Paid 24 $ / Month Visit The Site
Buzzstream is ideal for managing and tracking your email communication actions with influencers.

It allows you to create email templates and manage communication through the tool.

It is the ideal tool for those who want to effectively manage their email outreach campaigns and closely monitor the results.

On-page SEO
Hreflang Tags Generator Tool
On-Page SEO Free Visit The Site
To easily create Hreflang tags.

Content Marketing

Animalz Revive

Free Content Marketing

Visit The Site
A simple, free and ingenious tool that scans your Google Analytics account to analyze pages suffering from a drop in organic traffic.

So you know which articles are worth updating.

On-page SEO

Schema Markup Generator from Merkle
On-Page SEO Free

Visit The Site
This Schema Markup generator instantly generates the specific markup you will need to create structured data.

This makes your content clearer for Google, which can display it, among other things, in rich snippets.

This data is structured in categories, for example, you can clearly indicate to Google that you are creating an article, an event, an FAQ, etc.

The tool includes your text in JSON-LD encoding.

Content Marketing

Scoop. it

Content Marketing Free Trial (7 Days), Free, Paid 17.99 $ / Month

Visit The Site scours the web and the best sources to monitor, identify and sort the content that best suits your needs.

You can then share it or create similar content to feed your site.


Content Marketing Freemium, Paying $84 / Month

Visit The Site
Wistia hosts the videos to integrate (without ads) to your site, allows you to optimize and customize them to make them irresistible, to add a variety of Calls to Action … and overall to retain your audience and follow it with advanced analysis features.


Content Marketing Free Trial (30 Days), Free, Paid 10  / Month

Visit The Site
Vimeo promotes itself more as a generalist video hosting site, but it also does video marketing.

It is known for the very high definition of its content.

Free SEO tools for Video


SEO Video Free, Paid $ 9 / Month

Visit The Site
TubeBuddy is one of the best free SEO tools for youtube online. As an extension of Google Chrome or another browser, you have access to an audit of your YouTube channel. It has also a free version. But these best SEO Free tools for videos.

Thanks to the “Brand Alert”, you will finally know when someone is talking about you on YouTube.


SEO Video Freemium, Paid 7.99 $

Visit The Site
A true professional software suite, which includes keyword research, SEO analysis, and video optimization tools. It is one of the Best SEO Free tools for video.

Try the “Boost” which gives you very good keyword suggestions for your titles, descriptions, and tags!


SEO Video Free Trial (30 Days), Paid $ 4.90 / Month Visit The Site focuses on moving your channel forward through the dynamics of views and engagement.

It identifies the best keyword opportunities/potentials and analyzes your channel stats once a week to improve your SEO and help you create videos that work.

You will only be able to register by invitation, namely, a code-shared by a Youtuber… which you will find for example with the search “morningfame review 2020”.


SEO Video Freemium, Paid 3.99 $ / Month

Visit The Site
If you missed spying on your competition, you can get back to it with this tool.

You can watch and compare stats (classic and SocialBlade specific metrics) of competing channels on Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and more.

Local SEO checklist-Best SEO free tools


Local SEO Freemium, Paying $ 20 / Month

Visit The Site
The Whitespark Local Citation Finder allows you to find hundreds of NAP (Name, Address, Phone) quotes from local businesses with just a few clicks.

Indispensable in local SEO.

There is a free version but it is a demo which greatly limits the results.

The paid version offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Google My Business

Local SEO Free Visit The Site
Manage and optimize the company listing that will appear in Google’s local results: essential in local SEO.

Moz Local

Local SEO Free, Paying $ 129 / Year

Visit The Site
Unfortunately not yet available in France, the free version of Moz Local checks the visibility (and the quality) of your local presence, through search engines and various directories/directories such as Foursquare.

This is currently only available for North America and Great Britain!

Customer service-Best SEO Free tools


Customer Service Free Trial (30 Days), Paid 5 / Month

Visit The Site
A suite of complementary customer support tools, Zendesk brings together all your communication channels to more easily respond to emails, phone calls, and chats.


Customer Service Free Trial (14 Days), Paid $ 19 / Month

Visit The Site
Customer relations today require a good dose of proactivity.

This third-party API allows you to install a chatbox on your website and have several agents available to respond live to user requests – and anticipate issues.

Other Free, Paying $ 20 / Month

Visit The Site
Cloudflare is the most well-known CDN (Content Diffusion Network) on the market.

Free or from $ 20 / month, easy to configure, it speeds up your website and limits the excessive use of bandwidth.

It can also protect your site from attacks.

To know more about SEO-visite here

SEO ranking tools

  • Google Trends: It is an SEO Checker Tool that is SEO-free tools.
  • SEOQuake: Free SEO Tools providing keyword difficulty.
  • H-supper tools. It has created Abul Hasan, a digital marketer owner of H-educate.
  • Fat Rank: SEO Tools for ranking
  • Keywords Everywhere: SEO Keyword Tool providing more keywords now it is paid.
  • Bonus Tool: Incognito
  • Ahrefs: Super SEO Keyword Tool.
  • Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool using for google webmaster.
  • SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools for paid version trail 30 days.
  • KWFinder: best SEO Keyword Tool.
  • Moz Pro: SEO Software that works wonderful.
  • Ubersuggest: Keyword Tracking Tool created by Neil Patel.
  • Answer The Public: Free SEO Tools helping to get all questions.
  • SpyFu: Free SEO Tools.
  • Woorank: SEO Ranking Tool.
  • Majestic: Marketing SEO Tools
  • Keyword keyword research tool providing google auto-suggested and relevant
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