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Email marketing, strategies, and sales for insurance agents

Digital marketing is a great way to reach new people. And specifically, email marketing can become a great tool for insurance agents who are looking to expand their client portfolio, although it also serves to improve relationships with those we already have, and thus generate a chain of loyalty that allows you to have long-lasting relationships with them.

Email marketing is a tool that can generate confidence. I deliver valuable content and increase sales at the same time as long as people do it effectively. So it is a complicated practice that may backfire if not handled well.

How to take advantage of email marketing?

There are a series of tips. We can put it into practice to take full advantage of email marketing. We have compiled some practices that we find efficient and that can be applied in any business, including insurance agents. Take note.

Send a weekly newsletter with content that attracts attention

From the beginning, you must be very clear that email marketing should not, in any way, be a tool just to sell, but to inform. If we only focus on selling, we will end up losing subscribers. Instead, it is better to make a content strategy with useful and interesting readings that are related to the insurance agency without necessarily being a sale. That will strengthen the relationship.

The website must have a newsletter subscription form

Somewhere on your website, there should be a form for people to enter their email. They automatically subscribe to you to the newsletter. Preferably the design should be attractive. And also make it clear that it is completely free and that they will receive valuable information.

Design special promotions to promote in the newsletter

A promotion from time to time that rewards loyalty and subscription will encourage customers to stay signed. Of course, the promotions do not last long so that the response is immediate. If possible, that they only last 24 hours so that they do not take long to decide to take advantage of it.

Have the right tool for email marketing

Many tools allow you to design and create subscriber lists in a very professional way and at very low costs. For example, there is a platform for email marketing from Constant Contact. Review the options of all and stick with the one that suits you best.

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Email marketing by professionals

If you want to stay in the minds of your clients, build trust and position yourself as an expert insurance agent in the field. Then email marketing specialized in insurance agents is a great option. Leave it in the hands of professionals and contact Prospect Factory for a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Email marketing by professionals
Email marketing by professionals

You can follow Bryan’s email marketing system.He sent more emails.

Email template # 1: “Good interlocutor?”

When a business didn’t respond to the second or third follow-up email, Bryan would send the email below. Its response rate? 76%!

I am writing to you following the sending of my email below. I have not had any feedback from your team to date. If you still agree in discussing this with me, do not hesitate to let me know your availability.
If not, do you know who I could contact to talk to?
Thanks for your help,

Email template # 2: “Permission to close your file?”

In case of no response, Bryan sent this second email. He also warns of the importance of sending this email at the right time (that is to say especially not at the beginning of a contact). Indeed, the clients can easily perceive it as a form of threat, of the type “Answer me at I throw you in the trash”. The objective of this email is to reconnect with recipients who have completely stopped communicating with you. The effectiveness of this email comes from the state of emergency it establishes.

I am writing to you following my email and the message I left you on your answering machine. We are about to close your case.
Usually, when I don’t have feedback from someone. So, it means they’re either overloaded or not interested. If you do not agree, will you give me permission to close your case?
If you are still interested, how would you like us to proceed next?
Thanks for your help,

Email template # 3: “Your file has been closed”

If the prospect replied that he was no longer interested, Bryan sent a third email. In this email, Bryan seeks to find out more about uninterested people. Why are they not interested? This demonstrates both an ability to listen to the customer and improves the way of addressing people who are always interested. It is an email intended to identify errors made. You can improve the service or the way of addressing prospects. Responses to this email template are generally highly informative.

Thank you for your email. I just closed your file and just have a quick question for you. Why are you not interested? Is it because of something I (wrong) did?
If you have anything in mind that I could improve on, let me know. I am always looking for feedback.
Thanks for your help,

email templates for insurance agents

Email Template # 4: Custom GIF + Funny Email Subject

There would be a lot to say about the model of prospecting emails that follow. Whether it is about the tone used, the incorporation of a gif, etc. This email template is a great source of inspiration. He addressed Tim Westergreen, CEO of Pandora Radio in this email.


These email templates must of course be adapted, but they are nonetheless, in our opinion, excellent sources of inspiration. Never forget to multiply the tests and experiments to identify the most effective emails according to your target, according to your prospects.


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