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If you wish to prospect by emailing immediately and independently, insurance agents/brokers, our offer meets your needs. You acquire for the mentioned package, the file of all the email addresses of insurance agents/brokers that we have in the database. If you get more benefits, you need to do email marketing.

You then have the option of mounting your prospecting operations as your needs arise.

The professional emails acquired are collected through multiple actions intended to solicit insurance agents/brokers from different angles: proposals for registration in company directories, sales of advertising space, registrations to trade fairs professionals.


About the emails of insurance agents and brokers in our databases:

The email addresses of companies specializing in insurance and finance come from a partnership with an internet portal specializing in the field of insurance and financing: it offers individuals to learn about insurance, tax exemption, legislation … but also to access a directory listing the professionals in this sector of activity who have agreed to appear there.

In the “Insurance Agent / Broker” email file/listing, you will find the following activities:
– INSURANCE AGENTS – 10,596 addresses
– INSURANCE BROKERAGE – 3,735 addresses

Email address file of “Insurance Agents / Brokers” offered inexpensively online, principle:
Give you the possibility of purchasing at a reduced price, and an operational email database upon receipt (take into account the frequency of updating the file: every quarter).

The advantages of our “Insurance Agent / Broker” list/email file:
directly exploitable excel file, reception within the hour on the email box

1. Write content adapted to the target

According to a ContactL ab study, a USA internet user receives an average of 39 e-mails per day. So put yourself in the shoes of your readers by writing short and powerful content. To do this :

Personalize your text to be as close as possible to your target: you can automate and personalize part of the content by mentioning, in particular, the first name of your recipient;

Prefer a content length of between 300 and 500 words maximum;

Structure your remarks both in substance and in form, by highlighting titles and paragraphs for example;

Take care of the subject line of the email – it should be creative and catchy. You can play with humor, add emojis to catch the eye, formulate the subject of the email in the form of a question… The objective is to encourage your recipient to discover the content of your email;

Also remember to attach precise email and/or telephone contact details, if your email calls for a response, redirecting to the right service and the right person. The [email protected] format can convey an image of proximity and create links. The [email protected] should be avoided because it penalizes delivery ability and harms the image of your customer service.

Write content adapted to the target

2. Invite action in your newsletters

Whenever possible, your newsletters should contain a call to action. For this format, it could be a link to your website to discover more, for example.

Also, consider attaching links to your social networks at the bottom of the newsletter if you have one.

3. Be in good standing with the GDPR

You must request the explicit consent of your recipients before sending them a newsletter. This is an essential step and you must be able to provide proof of their consent.

Failure to follow these basic principles could result in fines ranging from 2% to 4% of your turnover.

4. Include an unsubscribe link

Consider adding an unsubscribe or unsubscribe link to your newsletter. Otherwise, you risk:

To be perceived as spam and unwanted content by your recipients;
Not to be in order from a GDPR point of view;
To decrease the opening rate of your newsletters.
If you take into account the unsubscribe requests and feedback that your recipients may leave when unsubscribing, you will improve the targeting of your e-mailings. With a more qualified recipient base, you will improve the open rates and click-through rates of your e-mailings.

5. Maintain graphic consistency of your media

You can opt for a cleaner, more commercial, more relational email template. Be careful, however, to respect your graphic charter. It is your visual identity, so it must be present on all your communication media to ensure the consistency of your brand identity.

6. Optimize your content for smartphones

According to a Culture Data study, 60% of e-mail consultations are carried out on mobile. On most marketing automation platforms preview options and formats for mobile exist, it is useful to refer to them.

The heavier an e-mailing, the less it is read. For it to be displayed quickly on smartphones, we advise you to keep between 500 kb and 1000 kb (HTML file and images included).

For images, choose the .jpg format and sizes between 500px and 1000px in width, except for background images where the standard is between 1500px and 2500px. Refer to the guide for your newsletter sending platform as standards may vary.


If the image is greatly appreciated for animating content and making it more attractive, however, do not put all of your content on it as part of a newsletter. Indeed, it is frequent that the recipients do not display the images of the newsletters. To overcome this, remember to fill in the ALT tags of the images.

7. Find a consistent rhythm of communication

If you manage the communication of a brand, it is recommended not to send a newsletter daily so as not to exert marketing pressure. Except in exceptional cases, prefer weekly, bimonthly, or monthly shipments. The importance of the relevance of your content (either because it is new or because it is timely) must take precedence.


Some marketing automation platforms nevertheless allow you to send reminders for recipients who have not yet opened your newsletter.

Either way, try to be consistent. The recurrence of mailings creates a ritual, an appointment expected by your recipients. You will thus gain visibility and readability.

Plan your communication actions and coordinate them with your news (a promotion, a highlight of the year, an exceptional event, a novelty, etc.).

8. Test and analyze to better understand your audience

Set up tests with different configurations to better understand the expectations of your contacts. For example, you can segment your shipments with different times, different formats, different email subjects, different content, and messages. The multiplicity of combinations will allow you to better understand what the effectiveness of your e-mailings is based on.

Then analyze the impact by asking yourself a few questions such as:

First-Which subject, day, and time of sending generated the most email openings?

Second- Which newsletter template got the most clicks?

The third-Which mailing list was most responsive to your newsletter?


1. Write content adapted to the target
2. Invite action in your newsletters
3. Be in good standing with the RGPD
4. Include an unsubscribe link
5. Maintain a graphic consistency of your media
6. Optimize your content for smartphones
7. Find a consistent rhythm of communication
8. Test and analyze to better understand your audience

The 5 advantages of email marketing in 2021

No, email marketing is not an outdated lever today! On the contrary, it is making a strong comeback but remains essential in your customer relationship strategy. Here are the 5 benefits we have listed:

The cost of email marketing remains a very affordable and profitable means of communication. Your return on investment

Simplicity no complex production, no significant costs to be expected. The key point remains the writing.

The speed once your template is defined, and the message is written, only takes a few hours. Appreciable for launching promotions or tactical actions

The measurement of results like any digital action, email marketing allows fine tracking. From openness to conversion, everything is measured

Targeting As soon as your base reaches 10,000 contacts, you will be able to segment it and send personalized messages. The guarantee of much better efficiency

What are our 5 key steps in designing an email marketing campaign?

FIRST STEP For emailing.

The design obviously begins with the implementation of an email marketing strategy.

There are three founding elements: which target, which message, which objective?

Everything must be part of a coherent and thought-out emailing strategy with your CRM and relationship marketing strategy.

In emailing marketing, the goal is to retain its audience. Then comes the more technical phase of implementation. Upstream, we will fix the editorial charter, the editorial planning, the objectives, and the KPIs.

A prior audit is therefore often essential. It will focus on the quality of the database, the analysis of statistics for the last 6 months (deliverability, content, KPI, consumer email returns, etc.), and the general production process. The method of collecting emails is also reviewed.

STEP Custom design of the email with the overall design of the template(template) or email newsletter.

This phase will make it possible to lay down the key blocks of email, the prioritization of information, the calls to action. Usually aUX Designer with good editorial sensitivity is in charge.

THIRD STAGE Editorial andDA(Artistic Direction).

TheCR(copywriting) is generally performed by a copywriter (internal or outsourced). The qualitative writing must be qualitative with punchy taglines and depending on your editorial that you put in phase upstream strategic.

Be careful, this phase will influence the success of your emails. So, if the reader finds interest in it, he will open the following emails! You have to work with specialized web writers.

You will be able to create or develop the link with your reader. At the same time, taking up the zoning carried out in step two, a Senior Artistic Director / Graphic Designer will design the graphic model of the email. Of course, respect for your graphic charter and identity is fundamental.

email marketing with newsletter

FOURTH STEP Integration.

This is obviously an extremely important phase. This is why we come back to this in detail below. It is at this stage that the deliverability tests take place. The deliverability test aims to measure the ability of the email to pass the anti-spam barriers of different email clients.

The quality of the code, the text/image ratio, the wording of the object, the pre-header will be all elements to consider. It is at this stage that you can also choose the possible customization fields if this was foreseen in design naturally.

FIFTH STEP Sending, measuring, optimizing.

Before sending, you must ensure the quality of your recipient file. Segmenting your upload file is definitely a good idea. The more granular your segmentation, the better your performance will be.

You should also not use files that you are not sure are opt-in and be able to provide proof of consent in the event of a check.

In B2B, you can have a slightly more flexible approach, but your company’s reputation may suffer if you spam all the time.

Email Campaign

Then, the sending or routing of your emailing campaign is carried out by specialized software most often in SAAS mode. Pay attention to GDPR compliance on your databases at this stage and the use of personal data.

We regularly use MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Adobe Campaign, Neolane, SendInBlue, NP6, Salesforce… on our side.

At this stage, you may also ask yourself the question of buying files, lists of qualified emails, or renting a database.

Be very careful with the quality of the database and its GDPR compliance.

Then come the first returns from reporting, monitoring returns, with the measurement of key metrics and main indicators (KPI): open rate, click rate, unsubscribe / NPAI, and especially the commitment created on your site. your app.

Measurement of conversion is essential.

This will make it possible to optimize and thus enter into a process of continuous improvement with technical, graphic, and editorial optimizations.

You can then move on to more detailed optimization: AB testing, sending time test, segmentation, inbound marketing, or automated sending of email sequences.

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