The automation of marketing emerged to help companies to prioritize and execute their marketing effectively and agility . In this way they would meet the proposed objectives in a shorter period of time.

In addition, with the emergence of personalize of actions in the world of marketing, it will be of great help to be able to impact a large number of users without forgetting to show a close relationship with each of them.

1. What exactly is marketing automation

Marketing automation is a methodology that is based on the use of software to carry out the automation of all the processes of a Digital Marketing strategy. As, for example, segmentation, lead nurturing, campaign management … all this, aimed at helping your potential customers evolve in your sales funnel, end up converting and also end up being true ambassadors for your brand.

By monitoring users, you will be able to impact them in an organized and non-intrusive way, saving on costs and multiplying efficiency.

However, we must not forget that marketing automation is not just software. If you are not organized and have no strategy, it will not do any good. The existence of the software will make the implementation of Marketing Automation possible, but will not guarantee good results. Unless, pay attention to the approach of a good action plan that will help you define and schedule the actions that best fit your company.

Another important thing that you must take into account for marketing automation to be effective is to identify the profile of your buyer person , at what stage he is in the sales funnel and based on this, generate valuable content that meets his needs and makes to convert and visit again.

2. What benefits will you have by implementing marketing automation in your company

If you use it correctly you will discover that marketing automation is a powerful tool with which you will achieve good results. You will be able to execute a large number of actions that if you perform them manually it would be difficult to carry them out correctly.

Let’s take a look at some of the actions you could take through marketing automation.

2.1. Segment your target customer and personalize communication

You can perform the segmentation of your database automatically , much faster and more effectively than if you had to do it manually. It would be a very slow and expensive process, studying your clients one by one and classifying them according to their preferences or needs.

You can create, through this automation, the different segments in relation to the stage of the sales cycle in which each client is . In this way, you can accompany him throughout the process and effectively cover his needs, such as, for example, sending content of different value depending on his needs and profile.

As we have previously mentioned, personalization is very important when targeting your users. By marketing automation you can do it comfortably and accurately. Through software such as Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, Pardot or Hubspot, you will automatically send emails to all our users or user groups. You will be able to classify your database through categories according to their characteristics and in this way you will be able to personalize the emails depending on who they are addressed to.

It also offers you the possibility of carrying out a re-marketing campaign to reactivate a specific group of users who have not known about them for a long time. In this way, you can impact them again by sending them an email or carrying out other types of action to reactivate their motivation and progress.

2.2. Manage time effectively

By marketing automation you will be able to create different campaigns and schedule several emails for a specific date and time. This will help you when organizing work. It will also give you the option to program the posts of the different social networks that you have in your company at once, thus being able to occupy your time in other tasks.

2.3. Updating our database

As we said before, Marketing Automation software will give you the opportunity to segment your users , but, in addition, some of the platforms such as Hubspot will provide you with the possibility that as your users fill in the forms you can build different profiles of the leads that are entering. This will help you to improve the conversion rate and will make it easier for you to get to know your contacts in greater depth. In this way, you can better access them through more effective actions.

This will also favor “lead cultivation”, being able to manually contact each client would take a long time. Through marketing automation you can be in contact with them from the beginning.

For example, if one of your users subscribes to the newsletter or an e-book, you will be able to contact him through a personalized message confirming his subscription and welcoming him automatically. This way you will get them to experience a closer and more personalized treatment, feeling like one of your community and therefore place trust in you and return to your site frequently.

2.4. You will be able to assess the impact on your audience

Through marketing automation you can also carry out lead nurturing and lead scoring actions.

The Lead Nurturing is a technique based on the Inbound Marketing creating valuable relationships with your users, with the primary objective to accompany throughout the process. One of the ways to achieve this is to offer them valuable content, but you cannot forget that the ideal is for said content to be appropriate depending on the phase of the sales process that said user is in. This is vital to improve loyalty with your users and therefore their experience on your website.

Another action that is also important and, therefore, you must take it into account, is the so-called lead scoring . You can also work through Marketing Automation in a comfortable and simple way. It consists of measuring the temperature of the different leads that come to your company, detecting the degree of interest of each user . In short, it is the evaluation and classification of the different leads that you are collecting, this will help you to know if it is hot or cold depending on your degree of interest and the phase you are in.

Being able to obtain this information is vital, since a cold lead that has not shown much interest and that is in the first phase of the funnel should not work the same as a hot lead that shows interest in what you do and that is in a advanced phase of the sales process.

2.5. Optimization of your resources and monitoring of all your actions

Another advantage that we will find when implementing Marketing Automation in your company will be the reduction of time and money in the entire process . For example, having the option to automate your periodicals will considerably reduce the time invested, and of course this translates into economic investment. This will allow you to make the most of your resources, investing in other areas of the company that need it or simply saving you a merely unnecessary investment.

Monitoring all the actions you carry out is also a key point in your strategy. Marketing Automation skillfully covers it too. You can track and monitor each action for each lead , organized by segment within your database. This, in turn, will allow you to carry out detailed graphs, statistics … giving you the option to analyze them and optimize your future company with the help of all the data collected.

2.6. Get your conversion in real time

If you use marketing automation software, you will get to know your customers more deeply . In this way, you will be able to use the same language and communication will be much more effective . All this, you can achieve by studying the habits of your users. As, for example, click-through rate, bounce rate, visit duration, which are the most read posts…

This will greatly facilitate your work when designing our website (placement of call to action buttons, forms, information architecture, usability …), where to focus the theme of the posts on each channel …

It is very important to know your users, empathize with them, in short, treat them how you would like them to treat you.

2.7. You can create brand image on multiple channels

Through all the channels that we have today, you can create different campaigns (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, email marketing …) with the aim of helping prospecting since customers will increasingly be more identified with your brand and it will be a lot easier to reach them. In this way, you will make converting a simple user into a client a less expensive process.

By promoting your brand you will be achieving greater visibility of it, so you will attract a greater number of customers. Some of the marketing automation software’s offer you a unique solution to cover all the campaigns and be able to control them in a simple and organized way.

3. Conclusion

Marketing automation should not be applied on an individual basis. It is very important to integrate it into your strategic plan . As, for example, together with a Marketing Intelligence plan. So that everything goes perfectly we recommend that you apply tracking codes, check the lists of your clients and subscribers, keep up to date with keywords and check them periodically.

It is obvious that Marketing Automation is very useful and that it will make it easier for you to organize and carry out your strategic marketing plan in a more satisfactory way.

Nowadays, time is money, so the optimization offered by these Automation software is important . In addition to saving time, you will also optimize your resources, in this way, you will get better results.

What are you waiting to implement it? Convert !!

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