Video is a content format that became indispensable several years ago in companies’ Digital Marketing and content strategies. This article will cover what video marketing is, the benefits of the video marketing strategy, implementation steps, and tools.

1. What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the set of tools that are orchestrated to make a video an advertising act, as a way of capturing an audience interested in your niche, or an end in itself, like a digital product.

The most common is that it acts as an attraction for those interested in your product, so we must share, as always, quality content. And it is also known, based on that fact, the more the better.

2. Why is video marketing useful for your business

People are much more entertained with a video than a single image. Let’s not say already with a paragraph that is difficult to read. We must always give our client what he asks for, even if he himself does not even know that he is asking for it.

So we must react in time and start creating audiovisual assets as soon as possible.

3. Steps of implementation of video marketing?

Stages to record and prepare videos. Make video marketing strategy

3.1. Video pre-production

Video pre-production is under video marketing strategy.

  • Growth strategies

    • Content: the more you take care of your content, the better this content will be and the more subscribers you will have.
    • Audience: The more attention you pay to your audience, the more interest you will have in your products when you release one.
    • Product: the better your product, the better your audience will react after purchasing it.
    • Reinvest in your content: once you have made money after selling your product, it’s time to reinvest a part in better content (better audio, light, video, shots, etc.). This will provide you with more subscribers and a fresh start.
  • Know your market

    • Be constant: the secret to successfully succeed in video marketing is to be constant in publishing the content. There is no other. If you do this, sooner or later you will get more subscribers and better content.
    • Always target the widest audience: thanks to the statistics provided by the YouTube channel, you will be able to get to know your audience better and you will be able to know their demographics or set of personal parameters that will help you know what type of product to take out.
    • Know your audience: as I said, once you know the demographics of your audience well, you can prepare content and products aimed exclusively at it. For example, if only women listen to you, there is no point in making a product for men.
  • Content planning

    • Short term: there are certain contents that require faster or shorter publication time.
    • Long-term: other types of content, such as webinars or direct, are usually left for 1 time a month or more. Hence, we consider it in the long term.

3.2. Video production

  • Light: You are going to need light equipment that allows you to record like a true professional. Search Amazon: Light Kit
  • Audio: good sound is essential for quality content. I recommend a digital condenser microphone. Search Amazon: Blue Snowball Ice
  • Image: Depending on whether you are going to record shots or just you, there are different types of cameras. Here is a spectrum is much broader, so I can not recommend anything. You have to investigate it, depending on your personal situation
  • Software: later I will tell you about some very interesting tools.

3.3. Video post-production

  • Editing: Editing is said to be more than 70% of the final work on a video, so be patient and diligent. Do this job well because it will be the difference between a very good video and a mediocre video. Also in the tools section, you will see that with technology, this can be done by anyone today.

3.4. SEO in video search engines:

SEO in video marketing is based on these two aspects basically:

  • Channel: you have to improve the descriptions of the channel, its keywords, its image, and if possible its subscribers
  • Content: We also have to strategically think about the descriptions of the videos, their keywords and, if possible, improve their statistics to make them better placed.
  • To get the best keywords for YouTube

3.5. Sale of products

Video marketing doesn’t do much good if we don’t have a back-end or a range of products to offer. So get on with it as soon as possible.

3.6. Advertisements

Youtube Ads are a way to advertise through PPC. It is an alternative tool to boost your business faster with paid traffic.

3.7. Analytics

This helps us to discover or establish the demographics of our potential customers, to analyze which content they like and which they do not, and ultimately improve our channel.

4. Video marketing tools

I am going to give you several tools. Depending on the type of business or videos you are going to upload, one or the other or all will serve you.


It’s free. Canva is a very simple way to achieve very professional and well-designed images, from templates or your own images that you upload. You don’t need to be a graphic designer and the result is almost the same.

4.2. Keynote, PPT, Prezzi

If you are going to record a course or just to record your voice in front of some slides (an article, an idea, etc.), these means can help you.

4.3. Video editing programs (iMovie, etc.)

Use the free tools if you don’t know much about editing yet. Because even if you have the best program in the world, if you do not know how to use it at all, it will not matter to you. It is better to go little by little and controlling the investment, since there are very good and also very expensive programs.We need a good video marketing strategy for our business.


This is a tool that you will love. These are hand-drawn animated videos. The subscription is very cheap and the effect it causes is devastating. If you do not know how to use it 100%, look for courses on Udemy, which with the offers that usually exist, can cost you 10-15 €.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, video marketing is a very extensive field that is difficult to summarize in a single article. I hope it helps you to know the key points you need to cover and research. Also, I hope the tools have served you even if it is inspirational.

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