Probably when reading this post you have no doubts about what a blog is and tell me, Alberto, man… at this point with a post like this?

Well yes, I think it is necessary at this point to make a post of this type because although you do not believe it, although the vast majority of companies know what a blog is and in fact have one, I still meet projects and SMEs of all kinds every day who deny having a blog.

But have they gone crazy? Do you know what a blog is, the advantages it offers you and still don’t want to have one?…

Yes it is. And on this point we could talk about two different scenarios, surely many of you have experienced them.

  • Companies that know what a blog is but don’t even want to hear about having one . ” It takes a lot of time and does not sell, ” is the last answer given by the Manager of a company.
  • Companies that have a corporate blog but do not get results . They write and write but the strategy fails, they have no basic positioning knowledge and they hardly know how to promote the blog.

Consequently, over time they fall into the idea that achieving success with a blog is a thing of large companies and they abandon it. And in this abandonment, some of the main causes that I have been able to test over time are:

  • Who writes the blog is usually an administrator or someone who has not been taught to write for the internet. It makes him passionate but obviously the results don’t come
  • Who has been commissioned to write the blog does not like to blog
  • The staff does not have enough time and they leave the blog
  • They do not find topics to talk about so they decide not to create the blog
  • Results don’t come for what they think is wasting time

I hope that none of these situations is yours, but in the event that you are still not sure what a blog is, what it is for and why you have to have a corporate blog , this post is essential reading.

I want to mark you step by step an action plan for your blog , from the beginning to how to write an article for your blog, to how to even monetize it.

What if I tell you that you can also earn money with your blog ? What now do you see differently?

Well, we go there, from the beginning.

What is a blog?

A blog is a dynamic page in which we create content on a certain topic in order to influence or influence users with that content. If you are working a corporate blog, we could say that it is the best way for your company to communicate and reach its potential clients from the door to the outside.

And when I talk about influencing or influencing I mean that one of the advantages of having a corporate blog is being able to become a benchmark in your sector, since you publish valuable information that interests your potential customers.

If it is well done, the truth is that you will be able to get clients with your blog , perhaps not immediately but I assure you that in the medium term you will get a good return.

And what difference is there between a web page and a blog?

Very easy. A corporate website is made up of static pages where you put the information and leave it there, waiting for people to read it and contact you.

On the contrary, a blog is a dynamic page where the contents are arranged chronologically and where you write opinion articles on a specific topic, as I said before, with the idea of ​​influencing the user and bringing him closer to you. brand with the idea of ​​selling.

So, can you attract customers with a blog?

Not only attract them, I guarantee that you can attract clients with your blog, we have been working like this for many years and in the end the results are more than significant.

What is a blog for?

For many things but let me tell you the main reason why you should have a corporate blog in your company.

The sale has changed . The current internet sales scenario is radically different from what it was just a year or two ago. Whereas online selling was a purely transnational process then, selling is now totally emotional and relational . And also personalized.

If your objective is to sell online , whether you are an online store or a service company, having a blog and working on it continuously will allow you to establish a relationship of trust with your users , with your target audience … the one who wants to buy from you but not is still safe.

And you are not sure because the volume of competition that we all have is enormous, as is the level of demand from users, which is increasing. We look for the best at the best price.

The secret to the success of a corporate blog lies in knowing how to reach our potential clients with a message , with a story that we write in the form of content and that we spread to the four winds.

A story that can tell about success stories of your company or problems to which your product offers an effective solution . After all, communication in its purest form.

Can you imagine being able to tell your future client that you have a service that solves a problem they have in a natural way and that is the only reason why they come to you?

Well this is what will allow you to have a corporate blog. Create an internet communication scenario , based on first-class online marketing actions with which to reach your client so that they see everything you know how to do.

Your expertise, your Know-how, your value as a brand.

Do you still doubt what a blog is and what it is for?

Advantages and disadvantages of having a blog

We have already talked about what a blog is and what it is for so we are going step by step advancing to the next point.

What are the advantages of having a corporate blog in your company?

  • A blog is a fantastic tool to bring quality traffic to your website.
  • Having a blog will allow you to improve the brand image of your company
  • If you are an individual professional, having your blog will allow you to start creating your personal brand on the internet
  • A corporate blog will allow you to establish a relationship of trust with your readers / users / potential clients, where you can bring them the value of your brand and experience.
  • In addition, having a corporate blog will help you improve web positioning of your page on the internet, so you can be more visible and reach many more potential customers.

As you can see, the advantages of having a corporate blog for your company are not few.

And what disadvantages can have a corporate blog?

  • We don’t know how a blog works or how to create quality content. The result is as simple as a good online marketing course or outsourcing someone for that purpose.
  • We don’t have time to manage a blog. True, the good thing would be to be able to publish at least one or two contents a week. For this reason, many Agencies offer the content creation service for blogs .
  • We do not know how to position the blog or how to promote the blog. The same solution as before
  • Our sector is a micro market niche and it is difficult to create a blog. Just the opposite, in small market niches it is much easier to position a blog and thus appear in Google with content of great value for the user.

Yes, it is not easy, I will not deny that. That is why I will try in the remainder of this article to mark step by step an action plan for your blog. , so that you are able to achieve good results with your content.

Surely from the moment you read this article, when someone asks you what a blog is and what it is for, you yourself will have a clear answer to offer.

7 steps to create quality content for your blog

In this step I want to explain how a blog works and what steps or phases you will need to apply to create quality content. That is, content that brings you customers.

1.- Think of a title for your content

The first thing you will have to do is think of an attractive title for your articles. . Every time you write on the blog you will have to think about keywords (we will see them below) and a title that has a hook for the user.

If when you read it it does not attract your attention, it will never enter it so it will not do you any good. It seeks to write original , attractive and hook-like titles for the user.

2.- Find the best keywords for your article

Before we said that one of the advantages of having a blog that is helps improve positioning . Therefore, in order to write your content, you will need to identify what are the best words to work on your blog.

If you use them properly, your blog will appear in the first Google search results and this way you will get more visits.

I leave you here a detailed article on how to find the best keywords for your content.

3.- Do a Google search of what you write about

Now that you are beginning to realize what a blog is and what it is for, you will see that there are many people who also write about the same thing as you. So you have to make a difference , but without straying too far from the “general line.”

At this point I always take the title that I have put and put it on Google. In this way I can analyze other similar titles from other blogs that appear on Google and know their acceptance.

4.- Create a good structure for your article

Nobody will read a blog if it is not well designed at the structure level. That is to say, it is easy to read, it incorporates titles and subtitles to organize the development of the content , the paragraphs are short and have clear ideas …

How you design the structure of each of your content will undoubtedly mark the success of your blog for better or for worse.

5.- Create the final title

You already have the base that you have created more than you have seen in Google of your competition. You are now in a position to create an original, attractive and definitive title for your article.

6.- Write

After assimilating what a blog is and what it is for, this is the phase that will undoubtedly cost you the most. Without a doubt, you have to apply all of the above and tell a coherent, understandable and structured story from start to finish.

7.- Diffusion of the blog

Finally, it is useless to have a blog if nobody sees it, right ?. In this phase you have to start promoting your blog as much as possible so that it is seen by as many people as possible.

Social networks, mailing, paid advertising, subscribers of databases you have … Any way is valid to give a good presence to the blog on the internet.

Here I leave you a post with 15 ways to promote your blog that can help you when it comes to spreading it.

How are you going here?

You have already learned what a blog is and what it is for and how to create quality content, so now we are going to see a few useful strategies to monetize your blog.

Strategies to earn money with your blog

Does having a blog enable you to earn money with it? Can a blog be monetized quickly?

Yes and no, we have to see this very calmly. We cannot start from the basis of not knowing what a blog is and the following month wanting to earn money with your content. . Yes, you can, but it takes time and dedication.

The main points that you will have to work before monetizing your blog are designing the content strategy that you are going to follow , working on the elements that we have seen throughout the post and making a good calendar of publications for your blog , to know what you are going to publish, when and on what topic.

From there, the main strategy that I recommend you follow to achieve success with your blog and your content is Inbound Marketing . Inbound Marketing starts from the content as the basis of the strategy and focuses directly on a series of very specific aspects that must be worked very well.

For my part, to tell you that Inbound Marketing allows you to work on the basis of having a blog and using it to receive inputs that are not “invasive” for the user , and thus influence their purchasing decisions towards our brand.

Of course if the objective you are pursuing is to monetize your blog as an individual (freelance, freelance, etc.), in this case you will not need to have a corporate blog, but a personal blog or a blog aimed at enhancing your personal brand .

And first of all, remember that you must acquire a very good training in online marketing , since there are many bloggers who are currently struggling to earn money with their blog.

There are many aspects related to online marketing that you will have to learn, such as positioning, how to position your blog, techniques to promote your blog, professional work on social networks, mail marketing, etc.

As you can see, just by having a blog you will not be able to monetize it, you will have to spend a lot of time creating content and promoting it .

Of course, the moment you start having many visits to your blog, perhaps it may be time to start monetizing it. And how?

Well there are many but I want to leave you some of the main ways in which you can earn money with your blog :

  • Affiliate sales or affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored Articles
  • Premium content for subscribers
  • Product or tool recommendation
  • Sale of infoproducts
  • Specialized consulting services
  • Contextual advertising in Google (Adsense)

As you can see there are many ways to earn money with a blog , but keep in mind that they will not work immediately. Everything takes time and on the internet immediacy does not exist.

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