It can be a great challenge to earn money on Instagram if you have less than 10,000 followers. But did you know that Instagram has more than a billion monthly users? That’s a lot of people, and maybe now that you spend more time at home and have more free time due to the coronavirus, you want to get more out of your Instagram account and start earning money.

In this article we will show you the different ways you can earn money on Instagram, even without having 10,000 followers.

Why is it important to have 10,000 followers?

On Instagram, reaching 10,000 followers is something like the turning point. Suddenly more doors open and your efforts to make money on the social network becomes much easier.

Not only are there more brands looking for cooperations, but you also get the ” Swipe Up ” feature in your stories. Brands really like this feature, since you can include links in your stories, which gives them an increase in visits and SEO.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to start earning money with less than 10,000 followers.

Whether you are an individual influencer or have a business, we will show you the best ways to start earning money on Instagram before reaching the figure of 10,000 followers .

Instagram for individuals vs entrepreneurs

If you want to earn money as an individual, your main objective is to attract brands. The only reason brands are going to give you money is because of your influence on your target audience. Therefore, building relationships and having a committed audience is the first thing you have to focus on.

Now, if you have a business, your objectives are different, since instead of using your content to attract brands, what you want is to attract as many people as possible to interact with your own content .

But this does not mean that you should post spam. Don’t fall into the typical beginner mistake, with that you will only scare your audience away. You must create content that is very creative and interesting that outshines the content that your competitors publish.

Make amazing pictures and post them with a story in the description. You can also highlight when a product of yours helped someone.

Create engaging and engaging content that is related to your brand industry. Be consistent in your posts and take steps to build relationships with other users.

You can easily make relationships by sharing what people love from Instagram: photos of other users, comments on your posts or reply to your stories.

How to make money on Instagram without having 10,000 followers

It is true that with less than 10,000 followers you will have fewer tools available to help you monetize, and whoever tells you otherwise lies. But you can still do several things to get started.

Let’s start!

Earn money on Instagram with sponsored posts

This is a very common way of monetization by individual influencers. Basically, a brand pays you to create advertising content for them in the form of posts or stories.

To achieve this, you really need to have a strong presence within your followers, as well as trust and commitment.

Because of this, it is important that you make sure that you are only going to cooperate with brands that you like, that are really specific to your niche . If you are advertising antivirus software and your account is about hiking or traveling or food, you will lose trust and reputation with your followers.

On the other hand, if your Instagram feed is about skiing, for example, you could perfectly advertise some brilliant eye protection glasses against UV. This way you will get a better commitment.

In summary, it is extremely important to  know your audience .

Now you may be wondering, how can I get brands to sponsor me when I only have a couple of thousand followers? It is not so difficult!

Well, that is if you have created a remarkable online presence and have a great relationship with your followers. Even if so, brands are likely to contact you directly. Many small companies that are starting to devote a bit of budget to Instagram influencer marketing will generally start by contacting individual accounts that have a smaller number of followers. Think that somehow they also have to start.

But remember, the first thing is to spend time on your account publishing really attractive stories that interest your audience, writing long stories and always responding to comments from your followers.

Earn money on Instagram promoting your products

If you have an online store, why not also open an Instagram account?

This is a great way to raise awareness of the products you sell. You can fill your Instagram account with attractive images with people showing your products.

And you don’t have to have a model, just create a good background for the product to stand out.

Either way, it is important to invest a little to have a good camera . Instagram users won’t see your feed twice if it’s full of low-quality images. Also, if they see that your images are of poor quality, they may think that your product is also poor.

Another great way to promote your products is by showing flash sales in the image bio. You can also advertise holiday specials or hot items. Use emoticons to capture the attention of users and make sure to also publish them in your stories, because not everyone will see it in your feed.

Stories are a great way to get creative and get people involved with your audience. You can include different stickers, surveys, locations and even countdowns to create the fear of missing out on offers.

Since you won’t have the Swipe Up feature in your stories yet, you can include stickers that say things like “tap here”, attracting users directly to your post. You can also use the “link in my account” to urge your users to visit your profile and click on the link on your website.

Important trick:  Do you want to share a link, but don’t have the Swipe Up feature? Add a poll to your story and ask viewers to click “Yes” if they’re interested in finding out what’s behind the link. Then send the link in a private message to each person who said “Yes.”

Remember, you don’t need 10,000 followers to promote your business. You probably won’t directly receive a large number of traffic or sales from Instagram, which means you will also need to monetize from other places. But the important thing is to build a relationship with your audience. Then the sales will come.

Once you are making new and trusting relationships, your sales are likely to increase directly from Instagram traffic .

Earn money on Instagram with Dropshipping

Similar to an online store, you can earn money promoting products that you send. Dropshipping is a business model like e-commerce, with the difference that you don’t have to have a physical inventory of products.

When a customer places an order, the supplier will send the product directly to your customer’s door. You don’t need to worry about investing in products, packaging or shipping items.

Thanks to the flexibility of dropshipping, many dropshippers prefer to use instagram as their primary advertising channel, as there are fewer risks of experimenting with items that don’t sell very well. Plus, it’s free! So if your Instagram orders skyrocket or crash, you’re never wasting money.

It is true that the earnings may be lower because you are likely to have a lot of competition for these products, but it is a way to start earning money even if you have less than 10,000 followers on Instagram . As with e-commerce, set an audience and be sure to include a clear wake-up call so your customers know where to go when they want to buy the product.

Earn money on Instagram by selling your own products

Are you the author of electronic books? Maybe you do travel or fitness guides? Or maybe physical products like bracelets, necklaces, chains …?

Many creators promote products exclusively on Instagram, just a small web page to display their products and accept payments. You don’t even need an online store to do this. For example, WordPress allows you to create a section on your blog where you can sell and receive payments for your products through a simple plugin .

You can also sell products on Instagram by tagging the product in an image. This type of publication gives users access to the details of the product, as well as its price.

You can also sell products on Instagram by tagging the product in an image. This type of publication gives users access to product details and pricing. It also gives users a link where they can buy the product. You must use hashtags. A good hashtag will add it to a page with related images. So if someone is looking for something like a necklace, they will likely see your post along with everyone else’s.

Earn money on Instagram by becoming an affiliate

You can become an affiliate of different brands and receive a commission for what they sell. Affiliate links on Instagram are often seen as trackable links or as a promo code.

The difference between an influencer and being an affiliate is that, as an influencer, you are primarily trying to increase brand awareness. Rather, as an affiliate, the goal is to get people to click on links and make purchases to earn a commission.

Create attractive posts to capture the attention of your audience. Let them know in the story that they can find the product link in your bio. Many companies will accept you as an affiliate, even if you don’t have 10,000 followers. Usually they will be smaller companies. For example, maybe a new travel agency. You won’t get a big commission either, but it’s better than nothing.

Earn money on Instagram by selling your services

Finally, you can earn money on Instagram by selling your services. There are a lot of accounts on Instagram that sell services like photography sessions, tattoos, personal training sessions, eyelash extensions and hairstyles, online courses, etc.

Most of these small businesses are run from home, so they may not have (or even don’t want) a company website to share their talents. In this case, Instagram is the perfect way to reach people and attract customers.

An excellent way is to find accounts within your same niche and geographic area , filter the accounts with a massive following (10 thousand and more) and follow as many followers as possible.

Most likely, this is the audience you want to see in your posts. And, if you can offer a better or cheaper service than your competitors, they are more likely to book an appointment with you.

This is a great way to get referrals through word of mouth. And it is entirely possible to do without 10,000 followers.

The downside of social media marketing

Although you can earn money through Instagram, and good money once you have a large audience, it is never a good idea to build your business 100% at the mercy of a social network.

With social media, you never know when there will be a collapse in popularity. Also, you don’t really own your account and can be penalized or even banned if you do something wrong or if too many people report you. So there are many influencers who create other backup plans.

Try to diversify your traffic, which is not only from Instagram. You can start by creating an email list. An email list? In case you didn’t know, email marketing has one of the highest engagement and conversion rates out there.

What can be done with an email list?

The options are endless. You can send your customers by email … blog updates, inform them about new products, promotions, even send them a recommendation to visit your Instagram account.

And if you use affiliate marketing as a source of income, you can send them the latest offers from the companies you promote along with your affiliate link.

How can you use Instagram to grow an email list?

There are a few tricks to get your Instagram followers to join your email list.

The first thing is to include your website in your Instagram biography. Without a link, followers won’t know where to go to view your content. Once they click on your link, you can get them to a landing page with nothing more than a clear title explaining why they should subscribe, and a form below it.

Finally, you can also use the content blocking function. This would make users need to subscribe to your website to gain access to the content. If you make your content unique and attractive on your Instagram, you should have no problem receiving emails on your blog. And take advantage of the video on Instagram !

This is all. I hope this guide has inspired you on how to start earning money on Instagram, even if you have less than 10,000 followers. But remember, the most important thing is to build relationships and commitments with your followers!

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