Can you write the perfect post? Is there a masterful formula that allows us to write an article of such quality that it manages to generate traffic to our website and thus achieve our brand objectives? That is, Leads or sales.

And above all … How to design a content marketing strategy for our company based on “perfect” content?

The truth is that it can be achieved. After all, Inbound Marketing is a very effective strategy that is based on creating quality content that is positioned and allows you to rank on Google.

And once these posts are positioned, start the strategy for your Sales Funnel that allows you to attract customers and achieve more online sales.

As you can see later in the first photo, in our Digital Marketing Agency it is frequent that we manage to position a post in Google in just one day, just as we do with many of our clients.

Currently there are more than 250 million blogs, but the truth is that only a few become visible and generate enough web traffic to be relevant. Imagine in this sense, how difficult it is to go to Google on the first page of results with your blog.

Make yourself the following reflection. When you are looking for information about something specific, the answer is usually always in blogs, but … Do you get to the second page of Google with your search? .. To the third?

Virtually no one makes it to the third page, so they think about the difficulty of not only creating a quality article or content, but also positioning it. It is complicated and not everyone knows how to do it.

Therefore, today I want to teach you many tricks to write the perfect post and rank in google and thus establish a methodology that will serve you to work an effective content marketing.

Ready? .. Well, let’s see how to write the perfect post for your blog

How to write a post for your blog?

Let’s start at the beginning. The first thing is to know how to create a quality article . It is not as easy as arriving and starting to write, but of course, it is the basis for later creating the perfect post.

In our agency we use a 7-step methodology to create successful content , which, with a lot of practice, will help you create the perfect post.

These steps include from the writing of the post, through the SEO part of creating a good Interlinking and getting external links, to the realization of a good dissemination of content.

As you can see, there are many things to keep in mind, so let’s take a detailed look at the methodology for creating quality content.

1.- Find the best keywords, key to quality content

You have to be very clear that if you want to rank in Google with one post (or with many), the SEO part is essential. No one will read your content if they cannot find it in the search engines.

Therefore, you will need to find the best keywords and also use them strategically to create your perfect post. Let’s see how to do it.

Content planning

If your goal is to promote and position your blog beyond your individual articles, you must design a content strategy. Because in addition, the blog is the element that will best serve you to position the sales pages or products of your website.

For this, you must make a content planning in X months view to position the sales pages that interest you.

  • What are your users looking for in this regard?
  • What interests them?
  • What expressions or keywords do you search for in Google?

Strategic keywords to write your content

Until a few years ago, to write an article you based on the needs and tastes of your target audience and wrote a story about it.

Today, the methodology for creating content has changed and the basis for writing an article is keywords. That is, the positioning.

So, right now, once you determine the topic you want to write about, you have to find the related keywords that you will have to capture in your content. In this way, you will be closer to creating the perfect post, because if it is well done, it will succeed in Google and you can generate more web traffic with it.

Find and use Long Tail Keywords and many variables to spread throughout your blog. This will create keyword-rich content that will rank on Google. Without a doubt, your perfect post.

A quick example with Keyword that you can find in this post:

  • Main keywords : writing an article, perfect post, writing content
  • Variables : writing your article, writing a post, writing the perfect post, quality content, content marketing …
  • Other keywords: go out on Google, appear on Google, rank on Google …

As you will see, the text must be filled with coherent and related long-tail keywords, so that on the one hand Google sees them as very natural and on the other hand the user, when reading the text, does not see it excessively loaded.

2.- Write a first title, a first draft of your post

When we think about writing an article, we always have an ideal title on which to work the content. But it is necessary to polish that title, know how to optimize it for web positioning and also make it attractive to the user.

Keep in mind that the title of an article is the first trick that will help you create the perfect post . And to get to this perfect post, you will need to meet two conditions:

  • That the title is optimized for web positioning
  • That it is a title that has a hook for the user, so it will burn with desire to open it and read it

I leave you here a post on how to write an article and create original titles that will help you generate web traffic to that post.

3.- Search in Google. Analyze how your competition writes content

As expert as you are in a specific subject, you cannot pass up all the information that will already be on Google about what you are going to write.

Your perfect post will only be if it really covers a need for information from users .

Therefore, what we always do is take our first title and put it on Google. As it is. And see what results appear.

By default we get the first 10 results and look to see what they talk about, in what tone they do it, how they develop the content and what keywords they use , and of course, what title they have created for the post.

In this way, I can more easily determine the specific points on which to write my article, create a SEO optimized title and at the same time attractive to the user.

Just what we needed !!

4.- Structure your content to be able to rank on Google

We come to one of the most complex points when it comes to writing an article for your blog. Structure the contents .

If you do not know how to start, my first advice is to see how others do it, it is an aspect that you should look at in the previous point, when you do a Google search.

My second tip is to remember how you took notes when you went to college. Writing an article and building a good content structure is similar.

  • Topic 1, section 1, block X … each one marked in a way, with a color, in capital letters …

That same structure is what you must replicate to create your perfect post.

The titles and subtitles you are working on when writing your post are the ones that will give the structure to it.

If you want to rank in Google with your posts , optimize the titles with the keywords you have found before and use the header tags (H1… H6) to highlight them when editing your post.

5.- Create the final title. SEO and Storytelling for your perfect post

After all the talking above, you are already in a position to create the final title for your post .

You have started with a first title, you know the keywords to work with, you have analyzed how your competition does it and you already have the final structure.

The title for your perfect post is already there and now all you have to do is write. This way you will already have the perfect base to start writing your post with your main idea well reflected from the start.

6.- Start creating your article. You are about to make your perfect post

The moment of truth arrives, you have to start writing. Complicated, but thanks to the structure you have previously developed, it will be much easier and faster to create it

However, let me give you a few tips before you start writing your content.

  • Always work a forward speech . From the most general to the most specific, but generating interest throughout the content
  • Don’t use a technical vocabulary or your audience won’t understand you. If you have to do it out of necessity, clarify what it is in parentheses at the moment or make a detailed explanation.
  • The perfect post does not exist at the individual level. The true relevance and influence you will get on your blog, which in the end is a set of posts or articles that you will be periodically making over time.

In this sense, if your objective is to enhance your content marketing strategy and rank in the search engines, I recommend you do a detailed planning of the content, as we have already discussed above.

7.- Make a good dissemination of content

At this moment you have already created your article, but it is not yet a perfect post because although you have published it, nobody knows it yet.

It is time to focus on making a good dissemination of content , taking into account online marketing channels where your target audience is.

Therefore, the most recommended channels to promote your post are social networks and mailing, as long as you have a good database of subscribers.

And, as we will see a little later, if you really want to rank in Google and you have investment for it, I cannot fail to mention some essential elements.

  • Carry out a good Guest Posting strategy
  • Carry out a good Interlinking to enhance your content dissemination
  • Apply a good link building to your post, to position the Keywords as high as possible in Google.

12 tricks to write the perfect post for your blog and generate more web traffic
In the previous section, we have seen the necessary methodology to create an article that becomes the perfect post and, within the blog, helps to generate traffic to the whole of your website.

So now, we are going to go into more matters so that you learn how to build the perfect post with the previous elements and many more.

1.- Write content for your audience, not for your ego

The contents are not written for oneself or to demonstrate how good we are. If you want to achieve success with your content marketing , the perfect post must be designed for your target audience

  • What do you want to read, what do you need to know?
  • How will you find it? … The importance of positioning on your blog
  • Why is he going to read your post? Will you really read it whole?
  • Is his need something specific or is he really going to need your help?
  • Will he buy and / or hire you if he sees you as an expert?
  • What are you going to do to help him buy or hire you?

When writing a post, do not think about what you want to sell if not what your potential client is willing to read.

2.- Write a post with a hook or they will not read your content

We have mentioned it before, but it is important to emphasize it for its importance. If at the time of writing a post the title has no hook, pull or user appeal, it will not even open your content

Optimize it for Google based on SEO positioning , but also for your user. After all, he is the one who is going to read it, not Google.

3.- The first paragraph, key to be a perfect content

In the same way as the post title, the first paragraph is especially important when writing an article. Think that he has already entered the blog and is reading your post.

If the first paragraph doesn’t get you hooked, it usually won’t keep you reading and it will leave your blog. The first paragraph is the most important in your content. It is the one that most has to have.

In addition, Google recommends that the first internal link you place in your article be in this first paragraph or among the first 100 words.

It also indicates the need to include the main keyword to position (or more than one if you want) in this first paragraph.

Again, you won’t be able to get the perfect post if you don’t read it in its entirety. To do this, be sure to write an article with a strong and energetic first paragraph that pushes them to continue reading.

4.- User orientation. Offers solutions to problems and needs

Do not forget that the mission of a blog, in addition to getting traffic to the web and ranking in search engines, is to provide a solution to a need for information from your users .
From this perspective, all your content should solve a specific “problem”, doubt or need.

Ask yourself once you have finished writing your article if it meets this requirement. If not, you have to start over

5.- Provide a differential value to your perfect post

If you are an expert in what you do and what you are writing about, the user will undoubtedly perceive it and take you into account for more things: hire you, buy something …

So when creating a content of 10, you will have to give it your personal touch, know how to explain tricks, tips and aspects that others do not do or put.

In this way, your added value will be the base of your articles and the perfect post will be much closer.

6.- Design a good structure and use header labels

The structure of the content you write must be good, simple and consistent.

If we also take into account that users do not read but scan the information, the importance of the structure of the information and how we highlight it (header labels, H1 … H6) becomes essential.

If we get the user to stop scanning and start reading, we will have fulfilled the initial objective and we will be closer to having created the perfect post.

7.- Write long and detailed articles (if you can)

It is not about writing for writing. However, creating a longer article in terms of length has several advantages.

  • The longer, the more detail there is in your content making it easier to teach something and for users to learn.
  • Writing a longer article allows you to include more keywords, makes it easier to rank. On the contrary, it will take more time to write it.

However, don’t obsess over writing long articles yes or yes. As you will see, we always write articles above 2,000 words, but the vast majority of clients who hire our content creation service do so for posts of no more than 500 words.

And they work equally.

8.- Write your articles with short paragraphs

The trend right now is to write your article with short paragraphs, no more than 2 or 3 lines . In this way they are much more relaxed and clean.

In any case it is a trend, over time it will change, for sure, so you should be aware of new trends when writing a post.

9.- Include images and videos to your content

It is not a matter of filling them with photos and videos, but you must incorporate them to make them more attractive.

Writing an article with photos and videos in the right place will promote reading and increase the average time of each visitor to your blog.

The trend right now is to start your post with a large image that incorporates the title of the article, as you see in this post.

10.- Interlinking, backlinks, media links and guest posting

In order to be able to get higher in Google, it is always convenient to put some investment or links of various kinds. Depending on your product or service or the “rush” you have to improve the SEO of your website, some of the actions that you should take are:

  • In general, Google recommends that when writing content for your blog, always include at least one external link that adds value to what you are writing.
  • Take care of Interlinking or internal linking . When creating an article, first think about which page you want to position and what other content it can be related to. A must to rank much better on Google.
  • If it’s important content or points to an important URL for your website, it may be interesting to Linkbuilding on it. This will help it move up positions much more quickly and you can consider it a really perfect post.
  • Think about being able to work on a Guest Posting strategy to get inbound links or backlinks to other quality content already published.
  • Finally, another way to spread your very good post is through links in the media . It has its cost, but it works very well.

Don’t forget any of this when writing an article for your company.

11.- Use quality plugins in your content: SEO, networks, mailing, etc.

Plugins, especially if your platform for creating content is WordPress, will greatly help you to spread them widely and optimize SEO content.

They are a great help when writing a post, so I’m going to leave you a few that you can download for free, install and use to create the perfect post.

All in one SEO pack . It is the plugin that I use for SEO optimization of the post. There are many others, but this easy to use one is updated very frequently.

Table of Content . This plugin will take the structure you have made when writing your article and put it with H2 .. H6 and will translate it into a very useful index. You can see how it works in this post.

Sumome . Sumome is one of the most useful plugins you can use and I assure you that it will be the main cause of helping you create the perfect post. Mainly it will help you not only to share your content on social networks, but also to attract subscribers to your blog if you do mailing. You have to try it.

Related posts . This plugin adds to the end of each post, other articles related to the topic you are writing about. In this way, you will incite the reader to jump to other related content, thus increasing the page views per user and the average time on the site.

Still, in addition to these 4 plugins for wordpress, there is much more that you will have to use. Remember that the perfect post is not only going to be built by you, but it will be your audience that will help you create it if they like what they read.

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