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Welcome to my ministry of freedom review, Jono Armstrong’s new coaching program within 9 weeks helps you to generate $100 per day from affiliate marketing. He shows you how he has generated $80k – $150k EVERY MONTH Using a Simple “Rinse & Repeat” System.

The Ministry Of Freedom Review has the intention of giving you as much information as possible about it. You can make an informed decision for yourself, before buying this method.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, for those of you who are not familiar with the terms of digital marketing or online sales systems, we could define it as an advertising tool in which two parties interfere, Affiliate + Advertiser, in other cases it could also be added the intermediary platform that acts as a commission agent and manages the two parts, this is the affiliate network.

With this practice, both parties benefit, since the advertiser reaches a highly segmented audience, in which they will only pay for the clicks or acquisitions they obtain and the affiliate can benefit from an incentive or commission and monetize their blog or platform without the need to make any investment.

What is the Ministry Of Freedom?

The ministry of freedom is an affiliate income way. It is a detailed and comprehensive 9 weeks training program.

Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate money online. 

That is why all of the internet marketers want to get the best method for affiliate marketing.

But some people who venture into it get income very little. Sometimes they don’t see income from affiliate marketing

On this point ministry of freedom helps them to be successful. It provides you with everything you need to know about this program. Jono guides you by the hand.

So you can make the best decision.

It helps to earn a significant profit from affiliate marketing by learning the right affiliate marketing technique and significantly boost your chance of success. 

Who launched the Ministry Of Freedom?

Angel affiliate marketer Jono Armstrong launched the ministry of freedom. He is an innovative vendor in various online marketplaces like Warrior plus, Jvzoo.


He designed this training” Ministry Of Freedom” consisting of 9 modules.

They are-

  • Mindset, 
  • Tools & Applications, 
  • Launch Jacking, 
  • Advance Launch Jacking, 
  • Soft Launching, 
  • Email Marketing, 
  • List Building With Paid Traffic, 
  • Product Launching 
  • Paid Traffic.

How does the Ministry Of Freedom work?

Over the years, Jono has amassed an excellent deal of experience in internet marketing. He knows what works and what doesn’t. Through this training and mentorship program, he explores the sector, filtering the great from the chaff. He helps users cash in on sophisticated methods to spice up their success chances.

According to Jono, this course delivers tactics that will help users generate up to $1 million in profits per annum. Before you enroll during this program, it’s natural you’d wish to learn the skills it works and its features. This review provides an in-depth view of the nine modules and the way they work to assist users to improve their chances of success in affiliate marketing.

Let’s go further into the specifics of those modules to assist you to understand better.

Ministry Of Freedom Review-Module 1: 

Mindset, Commitment, and Success

While this first week’s module may look basic and pretty straightforward, we highly recommend that you simply don’t skip it. 

There are crucial things to find out here. you would like this mental preparation for this journey you’re close to venture. 


During this module, Jono Armstrong teaches you the importance of getting the proper mindset when it involves making money online.


He also talks about commitment, how vital it’s to dedicate your efforts, and everything to this journey. The proper mindset and commitment are crucial for fulfillment, and that’s why Jono goes down and starts with these basics.


The Organic Module (A Continuation of Module 1)

In this Module 1 extension, this course teaches you about ways to get organic traffic using platforms like Youtube and Google.

Jono takes you through the tactics and techniques he himself is using to create organic traffic. With organic traffic being an important component of internet marketing, this is often a module you don’t want to miss.

Ministry Of Freedom Review-Module 2: 

Tools and Applications:


During week two of this training and mentorship program, you study the elemental tools and applications required to succeed. As an example, you’ll learn more about tools like an autoresponder, an important tool when it involves email marketing.


The best thing about these tools and applications is that you simply don’t need to make a big investment. they’re either free or come at low costs. Especially if you’re a beginner, that’s a plus.

Ministry Of Freedom Review-Modules 3 & 4:

 Launch Jacking

These modules fall under week three and 4, and where you learn the fundamentals about launch jacking. Launch jacking may be a technique where you discover a replacement product that’s launching and be one of the primary people to review it.

Since many of us are trying to find information about that new product and not many other marketers have reviewed it, you’re taking advantage of that to draw in more visitors to your review.

Since this is often a way that Jono Armstrong has used and achieved incredible success, he teaches you ways to require advantage of it and implement it in your online business marketing. 

He started his success journey here, making around $700-$1,000 per day. Using this method alone, his students are making $500+ per day. It’s a lesson you surely can’t miss!

Ministry Of Freedom Review-Module 5: 

Advanced Launch Jacking

Modules 3 & 4 entail basic insights into launch jacking and the way you’ll integrate it into your marketing efforts. Now for module five, Jono Armstrong goes deeper into this system, and hence the name advanced launch jacking. 

You learn deeper insights not included in Modules 3 & 4 and other secrets to form launch jacking work for you.

Ministry Of Freedom Review-Module 6: 

Soft Launching

During this module, you find out how to make a powerful product that will attract many affiliates. Jono also teaches you ways to try to do a soft launch, something that not many of us are conscious of.

By letting you into the secrets of sentimental launching, you’ll cash in on this profitable technique to earn income.

Ministry Of Freedom Review-Module 7:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the foremost effective ways you’ll use to succeed online. Jono Armstrong knows the facility of this marketing technique, and that’s why it’s a key element in his training course.

He teaches you anything and everything about email marketing to assist you’re taking advantage of this tactic efficiently. 

You learn the proper ways to market offers to your email list and other things which will be great assets to your online business success.

One fantastic thing about Armstrong is that he teaches from his experiences. He teaches methods he has utilized in the past and ones he has seen producing success. 

Effective and efficient email marketing is one of these methods, and he’s an expert at it. And what an exquisite thing to find out from the master himself!

Ministry Of Freedom Review-Module 8: 

Product Launching

Being a top-ranking affiliate at WarriorPlus and other platforms, Jono Armstrong is certainly the person from whom you’d want to find out. 

During this module, he takes you to step by step through advice and methods to make sure your product launch is as profitable as possible. 

He also gives you insider tips and secrets for a successful product launch.

With product launching being an important part of affiliate marketing, it’s something you would like to find out. 

And there’s no better person to find out from than Jono Armstrong, a private who has launched many products successfully and profitably.

Ministry Of Freedom Review-Module 9: 

Paid Traffic

At some point in his online marketing journey, Jono paid $70,000 to find out about paid advertising. 

During this module, he teaches you what he learned – the proper methods to use paid ads across various platforms to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate system.


The best part? 

He allows you to in on his ad campaigns to spice up your efforts when it involves generating traffic.

 How about that?

The price is currently just $1497.

There is a split payment option, where you can pay $897 upfront, 

And then one more payment of $897 30 days later, 

A total of $1794.

I would recommend paying fully, since you get access to the traffic rotator directly then, instead of having to attend until the last payment is in.

Ministry Of Freedom Bonuses:

To be honest, you don’t need any bonuses for this course, but I’m getting to add some in any way to form this an entire no-brainer for you:

Bonus #1: 

100% free Gold DFY website.

Currently sells for $299 inside the MOF members area but if you purchase MOF from my link on this page you get the “Gold” website free of charge.

Or you can get a $200 discount on the $499 Diamond website, and pay just $299 for that.

This offer is merely valid if you choose just one occasion payment.

If you choose the split payment plan, i will be able to still do that, but not until you’ve paid everything off.

Bonus #2:

Use all of the bonuses that I offer to people in my very own promotions, forever, in your own promotions.

Bonus #3: 

One on one 1 hour Skype call with me where you’ll inquire from me anything.

Bonus #4: 

Use any of the emails I send in your own promos

Bonus #5: 

Get free access to all or any of my future products (all products under $97)

Bonus #6: 

I spent $500 to be ready to give this course to you. It’s called SEO Affiliate Domination, and it’s created by a man named Greg, who makes over $20,000 per month from free traffic from Google, with small and ugly websites. 

The worth if you purchase this course on its own, is literally $2000.

In addition to those modules, there are lots and lots of other amazing belongings you get after purchasing the Ministry of Freedom by Jono Armstrong.

Remembering this stuff is geared toward helping you succeed online.


How To Turn 3 Books Into 7 And Double Your Profits


How To Explode Your Youtube Channel


FaceBook Group- How I Made 2k  In 20min


Final The 7 Deadly Sins  eCover


Final—List Building On Steroids eCover


10X Commissions


$5K Publishing Payday’s-Bundle-1


How To Turn 3 Books Into 7 Books And Double Your Profits


Five Figure Freedom


Commission Blueprint

commissions blueprint

Money Talks

money talks

Self Publishing Master Guide

self publishing master guide

Bing Ads Mastery Training

Bing Ads Mastery Training

10k A Month Online 3D


3 Powerful Tips-that Changed The Kindle Game Big Time





What is taught in the Ministry of Freedom?

Inside you’ll study Launch Jacking, you’ve probably heard of this before and should have even bought a course thereon yourself, but this is often taught the proper way and Jono teaches you tricks and tips that you simply won’t see anywhere else. 

You’ll also get access to Jono’s complete library of bonuses to use as your own when promoting products.

If you’ve tried affiliate marketing before you’ll know what a pain it’s to urge approval to market offers. Well, Jono has you covered here as he has been within the game long enough to understand all the highest affiliates and can assist you to get approved.


Also like this, you get automatic approval to market all of Jono’s products.

There are two ways to travel inside the course with free and paid traffic, and both are taught in-depth, obviously paid traffic will assist you in scaling tons quicker.

You will also study product launching inside which isn’t as scary as you think and this is often an excellent thanks to building up your email list and because the saying goes the cash is within the list!

Sales rotator

This is an enormous benefit, so any promos that Jono runs, the sales are going to be added to a sales rotator and shared amongst his students!!!

Access to a Facebook group

As a part of your membership, you furthermore may get access to a personal Facebook group where you’ll ask questions and bounce ideas off fellow marketers.

Is the Ministry of Freedom worth it?

In a nutshell yes. If you’re eager to start earning serious money online and have a business that’s getting you to generate money then this is often definitely for you. The program is backed by a full action-based money-back guarantee. So you actually don’t have anything to lose. Have a glance at the webinar that Jono has set up showing you more details about the program and where he drops a lot of data bombs to assist you.


Work from your preferred location

Spend more quality time with friends and family

No special skills or experience needed

Immediate results

One year of networking and 24/7 guided support

Three live sessions with Jono and his team a week

Pay off your debts and save thousands in interest

No staff required

Go on vacation wherever and whenever you want

Simple and easy to use

No need to make your own products


Little high price for some people

Might not work for those who are unwilling to put in the effort

Money-Back Guarantee:

Another struggle newbies have when starting in affiliate marketing and doing launch jacking especially, is getting review access to those products, as vendors don’t know who they’re and that they don’t trust them…. Well, again you won’t have that problem if you join the Ministry Of Freedom by Jono Armstrong, because he gives us access to any product we would like, inside the Facebook Group.

This educational program may be a no brainer. All you would like to succeed online is inside the Ministry Of Freedom. Jono Armstrong teaches everything step by step in 9 modules and everyone you would like to try to implement what you learn until you get results.

My final thoughts on this Ministry Of Freedom review is that this is often the simplest business model immediately to form a full-time income online and make a true business. 

Invest in yourself.

Anyone can do that, it doesn’t matter how newbie you’re, you’ll roll in the hay. you only need to TAKE ACTION.


This review provides all the crucial information you would like to understand about the Ministry of Freedom educational program. Like all products, this mentorship and educational program have its benefits and drawbacks. However, consistent with the producer, the pros outshine the cons. While the merchandise works for both beginners and seasoned marketers, the general success depends on what proportion effort you’re willing to exert.


Who created the Ministry of Freedom?

Jono Armstrong created the Ministry of freedom.

Who is Jono Armstrong?
Jono Armstrong is originally from the UK, but he moved to Indonesia in his early twenties.
He lives with his wife Cice, his two sons Adam and Toby, and their dog Morris.

How did we meet each other?
He was struggling until 2017 to make any cent online.
But then it happened — he absolutely crushed it!

Joined the Ministry of freedom. Then you can meet with JonoIs It a Scam?

No, it is not spam.

Is it Proven?

Yes, It is a proven method for affiliate marketing by Jon..

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