Thrive -Architect- Review

Thrive Architect is one of the newest WordPress page builders from thrive themes and thrive, content builder, is now Thrive Architect. It is the successor of thrive content builder worth.

I will show you how you can build your web page in Thrive Architect Review in my own experience.

It can turn your ideas into pages with the fastest and indeed visualized WordPress page builder to create beautiful, engaging layouts for WordPress.

This page builder is the most advanced landing page builder for busy marketers to create their landing pages quickly. It is more potent than other WordPress plugins like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, SiteOrigin Page Builder, WPBakery page builder, Themify Page Builder, and Brizy.

It can create eye-catching layouts and landing pages with ease and make visually impressive pages without wasting time and money.

In sum,it is a content editor and effective page builder for WordPress and a highly-functional page builder software that works smoothly.

Now it is the best WordPress builder plugin.

Thrive Architect Review’s outline:

My online journey with Thrive Architect:

From the beginning of this review, I started using Thrive content builder when it was in the morning. Many years have passed. Now it is matured. Now we know it as Thrive Architect, the best page builder in the internet market for creating outstanding and effective landing pages.

So, it is a fantastic plugin for WordPress, and it has made so many things possible for me as an online business owner. I am busy.

So it helps me to build my landing page quickly and professionally without coding knowledge.

But, it is the burning question that Thrive Architect is perfect, and you should consider investing in it yourself to develop your skill and grow your business. It saves time and money and implements our idea very fast. 

At last, I will recommend to you that it is the best page builder and you ever do for your blog or online business.

I will show you how I will customize all features to get a clear concept about Thrive Architect.

What is Thrive Architect:

Many page builders on the WordPress market are available for beginners to advance users’ ease of use. Thrive Architect is one of them.  

Thrive Architect is a mode where many page builders on the WordPress market are available for beginners to advance users’ ease of use. Thrive Architect is one of them.  

Thrive Architect is a modern, fastest, most conversions focused visual Editor and page builder for WordPress. 

So, it is so unique and quite different for its excellent features. This is a very powerful WYSIWYG, front end, visual page builder that creates beautiful pages to attract visitors. 

Thrive Architect has come from Thrive themes. Thrives themes next generation page builder name Thrive architect. Indeed, it is a Thrive content builder. On the whole, it can create a high converting home page.

Thus,it can quickly create drag and drop layouts, add buttons, and advanced elements into WordPress pages.

What can you build or create using Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is the fastest and most intuitive visual editor for WordPress according to thrive themes to build the following WordPress pages:

  • Create a homepage
  • Building landing pages
  • Format Blog posts
  • Create Sales pages
  • Webinar pages
  • Product launch pages

User interface:

  • Ease of Use
  • Thrive Architect speed and usability review
  • Learning Curve in mastering Thrive Architect


Thrive Membership 5 License Pack Single License
$19/Month Paid annually $97 $67
Get access to ALL our plugins and themes Install Thrive Architect on up to 5 websites Install Thrive Architect on 1 website
Install on up to 25 websites Includes all features Includes all features
Includes 269 landing page templates Includes 269 landing page templates Includes 269 landing page templates
Unlimited free updates Unlimited free updates Unlimited free updates
Unlimited support 1 full year of support 1 full year of support

How can you build your pages with Thrive Architect?

You can build your page with it two ways using a pre-designed landing page or a Blank template starting from scratch.

Therefore, you can use any one of them. Two ways are valid. So you can decide what you use. It is your own decision.

When you want to build a new page using it, at first, you choose the Launch Thrive Architect button.

Thrive architect review

If you click here, you will go to the below position. Where you can start to build your page, you can use this plugin smoothly. Let’s go to the next option.

first -interface

After that, click the arrow sign point, and you can see it.

interface of thrive architect

Here first, you see the search box, you can get any features searching from the search box. You will get the elements that you want to use on your page.

Click the content block; you will reach the next step for making a simple page.

Let’s go there to see what we can do using the content block box.

add- content- block- 1

add- content -block-2

When you click to add a content block, you will see an additional content block box with the edit. 

Then click to the showing point, and you will find this above picture.

Select your choice, able option what you want to create. You will go to the next opportunity.

add content bllock3

You can choose any topic, and then you can modify everything that you want. You can change your topic name, article title, image. On the right side, you will see the color change, font change highlighting option.

building block section1

Click the first option. You can go to the building block option by scrolling your sidebar. These elements are essential to building your page attractive and looking beautiful.

How can you use the landing page templates:

If You go to the cloud icon, you will reach hundreds of pre-designed landing page templates. Therefore, all of them are nice. Then, you can publish them straight away. For instance, you can use here the drag and drop method.

landing- page-1

Firstly, You need to choose one template. Then you can customize it using many elements. It has some landing page template sets, and you can see 40 template sets in its library. Above all, all are the same components.

landing page-2


Similarly,choose template click here.

landing- page- templates-3

You will get your landing page.

landing- page-4

You can change Your idea on the landing page only drag and drop method. Now you can see the landing page features below.

landing- page- 5

landing -page- 6

When you will build your landing page. So you need a title. Then a tag line, after that

Yet, you can upload a video and a short description. Overall you have a call to action. Above all, you can customize it easily without your skill because Thrive Architect helps you make a beautiful and professional landing page.

In conclusion, I think you agree to my Thrive Architect review to build your dreams landing page using it.

How can you make a professional service page:

Thrive Biz:

Firstly, meet the simple But highly effective Language course.

Thrive- biz -template

Secondly, Time to build for the Music teacher page.

music- teacher- home- page-1

music- teacher-2

music- teacher-3

music- teacher-4

music -teacher-5

music -teacher-7

music- teacher -8


music- teacher-10

music -teacher-11




Finally, you can change and customize this service page.

In the same way, you can customize the following landing pages that you need.

They are:

Cooking classes home page

Thrive Biz car wash

Thrive Biz Phone repair

Thrive Biz Electrician

Thrive Biz pub

Thrive Biz Medical

Thrive Biz Restaurant

ThriveBiz Homes

Thrive Biz Finance

Thrive Biz Construction

Thrive Biz Auto

Thrive Biz Beauty

Health food shop

How to start with a blank page:

On the other hand, You need a clean canvas when you want to make a website that you have seen on another website. At that time, you need a clean canvas to copy that idea using powerful and flexible design elements you can use to build your page.

Don’t overthink. I will show you how to create a dynamic page using three elements.

1.Full -width layout with a wow factor: 

You can create a full-width background.

So, it is not a fact which theme you use. You can not find this feature on all page builders when you use them to create a beautiful page.

full- width- backgroun-1


Conversion Focused Building Blocks in Thrive Architect:

Call to Action Buttons


Styled Lists

Credit Card Icons

Lead Generation Forms

Content Boxes

Animated Countdown Timers

Content Reveal

Pricing Tables

Contact Forms

Guarantee Boxes

Call to Action Boxes

Thrive Architect Elements :




Background Section

Column Layout

Click to Tweet

Social Share

Disqus Comments

Facebook Comments

Custom Menu


Fill Counter

Progress Bar

Fully Scalable(Retina)Icons

Post Grid

Star Rating



Responsive Video Embed

Table of Contents

Google Maps

WordPress Content

Data Tables


Page elements in Thrive Architect

  • Landing page templates 
  • Global options
  • Timed Pop-ups 
  • Header and Footer

Foundation Elements:

Therefore, when you create a web page or landing page using it, you will need these essential elements.

Paragraph / Text





Background Section / video backgrounds

Content Box

Templates & Symbols




What kind of landing pages can you create with Thrive Architect? 

Custom homepage (any kind of niche)

Custom blog posts. (Content only)

Atomic lead generation page

Product information pages with pricing table.

Lead generation pages. (targeted traffic)

Testimonials pages.

Consultant page

Personal Branding page

Review page

Storyteller page

Confluence page

Know how to page

Copy download page

Flat page

Not PS Sales page

Legacy landing page

Course content pages. (digital course)

Custom services page. (local service)

Product review pages. (affiliate)

Product download pages.

Podcast signup landing page.

Podcast episodes page.

Mini squeeze pages.

Webinar landing pages

Thank you pages, and more.

Bonus pages

Sales funnel page 


Type: Landing page builder

Starting price :$19 per month


Vertical split layouts

Inbuilt lead generation

Thrive lightboxes

A/B split testing

Backward compatibility  


Divi page builder

Elementor page builder

Beaver builder


We show a breakdown of costs across popular alternatives:


Page Builder Name:

                                            Thrive architect,

                                            It has no free version.

                                            Its cost is $67 for a lifetime.


Page Builder Name:


                                             It has a free version with some limitations              

                                             Its cost is $49/yr – $199/yr 


Page Builder Name:

                                              Beaver Builder 

                                             It has a free version with massive limitations

                                              Its cost is $99/yr – $399/yr

Page Builder Name:

                                             Divi Builder

                                             It has no free version.

                                             Its cost is $89/yr or $249 lifetime.

Page Builder Name:

                                             Visual Composer

                                             It has no free version.

                                             Its cost is $43/site                                  


Customer type: Freelancers, small business owners, and affiliate marketers 

Deployment-type: WordPress plugin

Features: Drag and Drop Editor, Templates library

Free Trial: No

Pricing-model: One-time payment

Price currency: USD

Support platform form: Online

Training: Documentation, Webinars

A Deeper Look At The Elements Library:

How to add a page block:

You can drag an element into the page.

add page 1

Click to the red mark option And Go to the next opportunity.


I will give you some examples.

Foundation Elements:


It is essential to write something on your website.

text -1

When you click the Text box, you will see the option below.


You will get a text box. Then you will write your paragraph about what you need to express your content.


To create your web page, you have to show many images according to your content. Without a picture, you can not express your idea correctly. So it is essential to display an image on your site.

Click the image box on the foundation box you will see.





 The button needs to call to action where you want to send your traffic. I will show you how to add buttons on your page. If you follow my Thrive architect reviews, you can add buttons anywhere.

how to select button



Columns are a vital element in building a web page. I will show you this step here clearly. Don’t worry, follow my step. You can do whatever you like.





I have already described the experience above this thrive architect review.

I have tried to change the background color, width, height, typography, and decorations. You can change it easily.


backgrnd color

6.Content Box:

Building a web page content box is one of the most used elements.

content -reveal-1

content- box-2


7.Templates and Symbols:

It is one kind of ready-made system just drag and drop processing you can customize, and a symbol is another part that shows a thing that you want to express to your audience.

Click here, and you will get an insert box like in the picture below.

templates and symboles-1



The logo is your brand. Branding is the main thing for a business. If you make a brand, you need a logo. So when you make a web page, you have to insert your logo. Thrive architect plugin helps you to upload your logo easily on your site.

Just click the logo box you will get many options to customize your logo.



You can change its size, add a new logo, you can select color, border everything.


After foundation elements, you will see Building Block options. There are many elements here. I will discuss a few parts.

Building Blocks Elements:

7. Click to tweet:

All of us need to use twitter. We can tweet from our website. Thrive architect plugin helps us by using the click to tweet option.

click to tweet-1

click to tweet- 2

Then you can write your tweetable text put there, and you can customize it attractively.

2.Content Reveal:

Click the image and go to your destination.

content- reveal-1


It is another point that helps you countdown your time. It is necessary for many purposes. You can sometimes need it.

count -down-1


4.Countdown Evergreen:

 Click here to go to count down evergreen.

countdown -evewr -green1

5.Credit Card:

It is an online payment method card. When we want to buy or sell from our website, we need a payment method. Thrive Architect plugin helps us to add our credit card option on our website easily.

Just click here and add a credit card option wherever you like.

credit -card-1


I have shown you how to add it easily and quickly, using the thrive architect plugin on the WordPress theme. It has come from thrive themes.

6.Custom HTML:

It allows you to create your HTML with CSS, Javascript API. It helps you to design attractively.

You need to import HTML code from various sites and put them on your website. Then you can use it.

 Click the custom HTML box. You will see a pop-up.

custom Html-1


 Then put here your HTML tag.

custom HTML

7.Custom Menu:

When you make a website, you must heed to create a menu bar like the top menu, the main menu that is essential for your online business.

Thrive Architect helps here to make the necessary menu for your website.

Only by clicking the showing point, you can build a menu for your site or your client’s site, and it doesn’t matter which theme you will customize.

When you click the custom menu, you will get a pop-up -What type of menu would you like?

custom menu

Standard Dropdown menu

standard drop down menu

Simple Megamenu

simple mega menu

8.Facebook Comment:

It is essential to manage Facebook comments. This page builder solves this problem very quickly.

facebook -comment-1

1.Fill Counter:

Fill count needs for a website. You click the point. Then you will get a fill counter. 

It is a fill counter now. You can customize it according to left sidebar options.

fill -counter-1

fill 2

10 Google Map:

Google Maps is one of the most important for online business. Your customers can communicate with you using your business google map. It is essential to show Google Maps on your website.

googl map1

If you want to add your google map, you click the google map box and get Google Maps on your site. Then you can customize your map addresses.  

google map

Now you need to search your address that you can select on your site. 


The icon is used everywhere in a website. This page builder provides fantastic font icons. You can use this icon as a font.

Just 1-Click here.



You can see many icons. You can choose what you need for your content. Your content will be attractive, using icons.

12.Lead Generation:

When you collect a lead, you need to opt-in. All landing pages have one common goal that is lead generation.

You can use Thrive Architect because it has two types of lead generation, which helps you effectively generate lead.  

If you want to create a landing page with Lead Generation, you can see this icon below.

Click here.

lead geneneration 1

It is a signup form that you can customize your lead generation opt-in form. You can change it horizontally and vertically. You can also change or customize colors, text what you want.

lead generation 2

You can use a pre-designed landing page where you can get lead generation form pre-built.

1-Step opt-in:

2-step opt-in with Thrive Lightbox:

 It is available in thrive architecture, which uses built-in animation and icons.

 1.Progress bar:

We need it on our website for various services that show how you can improve.

It mentions a progress report shown on your site.

progress bar2

progress -bar-1

14.Social Share:

Now social media is very powerful to recognize you and your business. All online business owners are very serious in social media. So you should remain a social share link on your website.

Thrive, Architect helps you on this point. It has a social share feature or element. You can add your social share button by using it.

social share-1

Switch on social share on it is easy to use. You can share your content from click on the social button.

social share-2


It is also important what your position is to show your audience. 



Email Service Integration:

If you want to collect email addresses using the 1-step or 2 step method, you have to connect your email form to your email service that you will use like Mailchimp.

You can get this service using a thrive Architect to connect to your email service through API or an HTML code.

All these email service providers allow API connections such as Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect also integrates with all of these services.

They are:

Active campaign

Amazon web services SES

Arp reach

A weber

Campaign Monitor

Constant Contact









infusion soft

Klick Tipp


Mailer Lite

















Webinar jam Studio





email- service- provider

If you want to build your email list, it will help you. Because Thrive Architect may be a favorite email marketing tool. For example, it offers many lead generation elements that you can use to add fully customizable opt-in forms anywhere in your content that works for your online business.

lead add conection

Settings and Templates set up:

It is the most important part of Thrive Architect features.

When anyone like me enters into WordPress theme’s page with a thrive Architect, he can see the gear icon at the top of the right corner under the cloud icon. Just click the gear icon.

gear icon

So,in this setting section, you can find:

Global :

Fonts Box

Header Box

Footer Box

Landing Page settings:

Disable theme CSS

Enable them CSS

Revert to theme

Advanced settings:

View page source

Custom CSS

Page Events

Custom Scripts

CSS in the head<> section

Turn off save Reminders

Save Landing Page

Save page template

Export Landing page

Export template name

Import Landing Page

Thrive Themes:

It is a digital software company. It created Thrive Architects. It has many products.

They are: 

Thrive optimize,

Thrive leads,

Thrive Ultimatum,

Thrive, Quiz builder,

They help to set up a sales funnel under your WordPress site.

So, Thrives themes offer a wide range of high-quality,conversion-focused tools, and Thrive Architect is a plugin that helps to build websites on WordPress and integrates with a dozen other email marketing, webinar, and digital marketing tools.

Like the other WordPress page builder, it can not use as Thrive Architect because it is a powerful and standalone drag and drop WYSIWYG WordPress page builder.

It has various powerful features that I have mentioned in the complete review because it is the next version thrive content builder.

Rebuilding Trello’s Homepage:

We try to review this series for each builder, and we finally chose that it could be a great idea to rebuild an existing web page using each tool.

We can get a clear idea that each tool is capable of in practical terms.

Therefore, it is an excellent example of a modern layout to build a web page using different elements properly. So We can settle on Trello’s homepage.

Where it performed well:

Saving colors:

You can save colors from the color palette using Thrive Architect. You can also use the hex code which you like.

Inline Editing:

I made the experience of adding and changing text on the page using inline editing easily. It is very effective and quickly does what you want.

Button Shadows:

It is a wonderful feature. You can apply a drop shadow to buttons just for one click. It is very nice to be able to accomplish this effect in the first place. Not all page builders are capable of creating blogs using these features correctly without skilled. 

Independent width control:

Without complexity, I can control the width in a dedicated container. I can adjust the width of the individual elements. I can shrink the text element width inside a wider container so that I can save my time.

Gradient Background:

You can get gradient color on all elements where you need it to use on your page. It is essential to adjust colors.

 Where it fell flat:

Cluttered Sidebar:

I have discussed everything in this review, but the properties sidebar made me pain to navigate sometimes. It takes me back to the top when I click off and on a given element when I have a bit of pity.

Button alignment:

I could not properly do the button alignment for the top navigation bar to bind me to use columns as a workaround

“Auto” Value:

You can put your value in a given field like a button. It loses it’s value even if you change totally, but later I saw that you need to fix it by composing in value of “auto.”


Backward Compatibility:

Thrive Architect has a background because it has come from a thriving content builder that is a Thrive Themes product.

When it was a Thrive content builder, it had some limitations to customize pages. Now it is upgrading. So it has some bugs here and there.

I found some bugs. So I manually removed using their code editor.

Building Block Elements:

 Click to tweet

content Reveal


Countdown Evergreen

Credit Card

Custom HTML

Custom Menu

Disqus Comments


Facebook Comments

Fill Counter

Google Map


Leads Generation

Progress Bar

Social Share

Star Rating



Table of Content


Call to Action

Contact Forms

Guarantee Box

Numbered list

Post list

Pricing Table


Styled Box


Setting and template set up 

Hundreds of pre-designed landing pages to choose from

building block1

building block-2

building block-3

More focus on responsiveness:

When you build your web page with Thrive Architect, you can use a pre-designed template that is mobile responsive.

Besides, it has three extra mobile responsive features. These features can help you to build mobile-responsive pages that look beautiful and easy to read.

1.Preview your page on different screen sizes:

mobile responsive

If you make a page with this page builder, you can check only a couple of clicks of what it looks like on various screen sizes according to this image.

2.Toggle the visibility of elements and entire content blocks:

So, you can choose freely which elements or content-box you want to show or hide from a particular device like you want to show an icon on Desktop and Tablet, but you want to hide on Mobile. Everything is possible when you use this plugin.

This picture must collect from genuinely.


3.Tweak or adjustment Every detail:

You can adjust the layout and position of elements for different screen sizes while changing any icon, and you can change text and position.


Advanced design:

Thrive Architect has an excellent vertical split that is frequently. It adds new features.

I will discuss its new design elements, which help you to create beautiful design pages.

Vertical Split layouts:

Nowadays, it is a trend to build a web page two column split design that names vertical split layouts.

verticle split

Thrive Architect has two column split design features to make trending designs.

You will get a box where you can write the title

Then left side image and right side text.

At the end of the post, you will put the read more button on one side and visit the website link.

Fancy Divider:

It has a fancy divider shape that works wonderfully. You can create advanced looking designs using fancy divider shapes.



Customer support:

Above all, 24/7 hours support for their customers.


If you have a Thrive Content Builder license, you can get access to Thrive Architect lifetime.

Otherwise, you will need to purchase Thrive Architect, and it is a one-time fee. It has three types of the pack such as :

  1. Thrive Membership
  2. 5 License Pack
  3. Single License

Thrive Membership:

It is for entrepreneurs and individuals.

This is $19 per month 

Thrive Membership provides you all plugins and themes access.

You are allowed to install on up to 25 websites in it.

It gives you unlimited free updates

It also gives you all time support

5 License Pack

5 license pack is suitable for agencies and web designers.

They will have to pay per month $97 for it.

You will get all plugins and themes access.

Five websites are allowed in this package.

It includes 268 landing page and templates

This plan gives you unlimited free updates

It also gives you one full year of support

Single License: 

A single license plan is for entrepreneurs and individuals and all.

This plan is $67 per month. 

You will get all plugins and themes access.

It allows you to install on up to one website

268 landing pages and templates are available in this plan.

It gives you unlimited free updates

This also gives you 1 full year of support

It is truly a one-time payment, and you will get unlimited updates to Thrive Architect. They will not take extra charge again. Their customer support is limited for one year, and you can renew again for a small fee. It is your plugin forever.

If you agree to take their subscription offer, they will give their all product access and unlimited support. After all, you will become a Thrive Membership for years after years, no time frame.

Single product License for Thrive Architect – $67

5 Product License Packs for Thrive Architect – $97 instead of($335)

Here are the membership prices. 

Just as, Thrive Membership for individuals and entrepreneurs – $30 per month (Paid quarterly) or $19 per month (Paid annually).

On the other hand, Thrive Membership for agencies and web designers – $69 per month (Paid quarterly) or $49 per month (Paid annually).

30-day Money-Back Guarantee:

Thrive Architect offers its all packages with a 30-day money-back guarantee. All customers still need to read all terms and conditions when you want to buy their product.

If you don’t satisfy this plugin, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

However, their refund policy is very good though I have not required to refund, so I can’t say how easy it is.

Yet, they give a swift refund if you have any issues, you just get in touch with their friendly support team.

If you fail to cancel after 30 days, you will not refund.

Thrive, Architect gives their all customers a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. 

Price comparison with other page builders:

Thrive, Architect

Thrive Membership:

It is $19 per month 

5 License Pack

It is $97 per month 

Single License

Monthly price $67 


Its cost is $49/yr – $199/yr 


Its cost is $99/yr – $399/yr

What are the benefits of using Thrive Architect in your online business on WordPress?

So, Like other online business owners, I have to face many problems, I need to build a website, but many times my developers can not create what I want. I have solved these problems with Thrive Architect.

As an online business owner, you are very busy. You face many problems to continue your online business.

You agree with my Thrive Architect review that you will be able to solve many problems like me with Thrive Architect. 

But, I think most of the internet business owners are facing these problems like you.

However, you can not depend on your developer all the time to get your pages looking the way that you want your website to look. You can rely on yourself on how to build your page with a thriving architect smoothly.

So, you can control everything that I have shown you above these reviews. You can save time and money if you use it. You do not need a designer or a developer.

After that, you can build any kind of landing page that you need for your online business.


At last, in this thrive architect review, I want to do a full  Thrive Architect review. I want to talk about the pros and cons of using it, definitely things you’re going to want to know before reading it.


Easy to use drag and drop page builder WordPress plugin

Excellent Header and footer builder

affordable and reasonable price

30-day money-back guarantee 

Easy to Create beautiful, engaging, and visually impressive content & layouts in WordPress

Works with any WordPress theme

Eye Catching Inline Text Editing and formatting Capabilities

High-quality selection of editable page templates

Extensive tutorials

Content preservations

The editor offers top of class features

Amazing ready to use templates

Improved HTML and CSS editors

Hotkeys for fast actions

Responsive view and all devices support styling

 very flexible layout options

Better management content templates

More than 330 landing page templates

In build lead generation features

Mobile responsive features

A large number of integrations with email service providers 

Backward compatible

Useful for marketers

One time fee and Lifetime updates

No Content lock-in and editable wp-content

Tightly integrates with other thrive products 


Forum based support

Light Element

Lack of theme editing features

Some of the landing page templates look a little dated

Can not save/use global content templates 

Elements not freely draggable

Slow and time-consuming

Need a separate plugin for A/ B testing

you start using it. 

Is Thrive Architect right for you?

I have shared everything about Thrive Architect, including its features, pros, cons, and what I experience using it.

To sum up, I will highly recommend you if you are a marketer or online business owner for building your page or blog. It is the right choice for you, like me, or other online entrepreneurs because it has some wonderful elements to customize any web page.

If you agree with me, you can select your page builder for your WordPress website or landing page without hesitation. 


Is Thrive Architect compatible with other popular page builders in the market?

Yes, it is more compatible than other popular page builders because it works very well. You will not get any compatibility issues in it.

Can I do split testing with Thrive Architect?

For this reason, you have to get access to Thrive Optimize along with Thrive Architect by integrating both of these plugins. You can do A/B split tests on WordPress for your online business. It also helps to do the split.

Does Thrive Architect come with icons?

Yes, it comes with an inbuilt icon library for marketers. It also has some greatest features like icons, lightboxes, etc. to create a page for marketers easily.

Is Thrive Architect on Mobile Responsive?

Yes, Thrive Architect is a responsive mobile page builder. Then, you will get the editing source code(USP). Thus it helps the marketers to create their pages by providing you the options to check out how they work properly on mobile and tablet devices as they wanted to explain in the content.

Can I export the Thrive Architect landing page?

Yes, you can export or import your landing pages.


At last Serious internet entrepreneurs now choose to Thrive Architect page builder for their blog because it has many features and elements to implement to accomplish your online marketing idea or imagination on your website.

So, it is very fast and works beautifully without coding knowledge to build any kind of web page like service pages(mobile repair, singer).

If you are a marketer for creating beautiful, engaging, and visually striking content in WordPress, it is the best page builder plugin for marketers.


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