The internet makes teleworking possible, and today it is quite easy to earn money online. There are also many possibilities. Let’s take a look at the most interesting and viable options for working from home.

New technologies introduce new automation that eliminate jobs, but also generate many other types of new jobs. Hopefully, that’s what will happen to artificial intelligence. In the 21st century, staying at home does not mean being unemployed. Let’s see some professions to start earning money online .

Technology allows us to do a lot of work from home, and make money online . Even a salary to live on. Let’s see how we can get it.

1.Create a blog and monetize it

To create a blog you only need a computer and an internet connection, so you will not have to make a large investment to start this business.

However, generating quality content and monetizing your blog requires a great effort and the development of your creative abilities.

The first thing you have to do is find a niche in which to position the content: tutorials, mobile phones, travel, fashion, video games, books, photography … the possibilities are endless, although you will have to develop a good writing and design strategy website to appear well placed in search engines. In addition, the content must be attractive and useful for users, a virtue that Google particularly values.

When you have a faithful community of users and several well-positioned articles on search engines, the blog can start to bring you money.

There are several ways to monetize content. The most obvious is through advertising: companies that advertise their services and products on your website. You can also post premium articles only available to paid users when the blog has grown in readership volume.

Thanks to Google Adsense you have the possibility to start receiving benefits for your content.

2.Webmaster / Social Media Moderator / SEO Expert

Today almost all companies and brands have their website, and their Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account. They need someone to run their social media – to respond to customer messages, and to post daily content. Basically, the functions of a Community Manager , capable of creating and managing a community of users around that brand or business.

For this work it is important that you have SEO knowledge, which will allow you to position your content well in Google and social networks. You can start with these free online SEO courses from Google that you can do from home.

3.Work as a web designer

Although you can create a blog from home and easily, if you really want to monetize it, its appearance must be as professional as possible.

Professionals with programming knowledge offer their web design services as freelancers for companies or individuals. Any business today needs to be well positioned in Google and have a serious-looking website for users and potential customers.

Since not all companies can or want to cover the costs of hiring an agency, they end up resorting to freelance designers.

Of course, you will have to find a way to advertise your services and get a good number of clients to ensure income.

4.Work as a video editor

Much of the content you find on the internet is audiovisual . Companies need video editors to advertise their products on web pages, or directly the products they offer to their clients are audiovisual material.

Video editors can work in agencies and production companies or as freelancers . In this last case you can advertise your services on the internet and mount the videos from home. Although you need to have a good computer, since the video editing programs are demanding.

5.Professional photographer

Are you good at photography? There is an option to earn money selling your photos . And if you are very good at it , make it your profession. There is a lot of demand because nowadays a lot of multimedia content is generated that needs photos: websites, online advertising, apps, etc. But on the other hand, everyone has a mobile phone, some with professional camera quality, and it is easy to take good pictures. So there is a lot on offer.

6.Become a private teacher through the internet

It is no longer necessary to teach private lessons in a classroom or study center. Thanks to the internet you can transmit your knowledge without leaving home , a situation that also facilitates the lives of students, who will not have to move to receive classes.

There are platforms like Classgap that facilitate contact between teachers and students. Think about what you are good at or what skills you can teach and sign up on the website . You are also in charge of setting the price of the classes, in addition to the schedules and possible breaks.

The most required subjects are English, programming and mathematics . Although there are also music, biology or other language lessons such as Korean or Russian.

7.Create a T-shirt selling business

If you are good at designing clothes, maybe you should try selling your products online.

There are platforms like SpreadShirt where you can hang your t-shirt designs and arouse the interest of users . You can also do it with mugs, sweatshirts and mobile phone covers .

The platform itself is responsible for manufacturing the products you have designed through an on-demand system. They also manage transactions and shipping to customers. You will earn a percentage of each product you manage to sell.

8.Create and teach online courses

If you manage to have a blog or website with a good search engine positioning, you can include online courses on your platform. You also have the possibility to launch one of these courses and invest in Google ads or social networks so that users reach it.

Once you have uploaded all the course content on the platform, be it in video, images, text or all at the same time , you will begin to receive money through the students who decide to sign up.

It is a way of obtaining passive income after an effort and initial work, since once you have created all the content you will only have to update it if you wish.


Long gone are the times when influencers became rich overnight. That first stage is over.

Now good influencers continue to earn money, but like the actor or singer professions, it is increasingly difficult to get to the top. And stay. It is an oversaturated vocation and also YouTube and other social networks pay less and less for advertising and viewings.

Still, if you really think you have something that can attract people’s attention, it is a viable option to earn money online.

But get the idea that for example, in the case of YouTube, you need at least 1,000 followers to earn money with advertising , and many of the advertisers only pay if the people who watch the video are American or British, who concentrate the 80% of YouTube’s advertising target . In other social networks it is similar.

In the medium term, the goal is to get sponsors to ensure a fixed income. But for that you will first have to make a name for yourself.

10.Open a YouTube channel

Thanks to the YouTube partner program you can earn money by placing advertising on the videos. Although you need to have a good number of views for the income to be truly important.

The amount of money an influencer earns for each video varies depending on visits to it and the interest it has generated in users. The demographic profile of the audience and the viewing time of each video are other factors that are taken into account when receiving advertising revenue.

A video with 100,000 views, an already high number, can mean a profit of 600 dollars (554 euros) in 3 weeks , according to this North American youtuber.

Several of the youtubers who made the most money in 2019 talk about video games, however this is a niche with too much competition and you may have to find another to start your journey as an influencer.

11.Learn how to develop applications

Mobile phones are full of applications . The day to day would be much more complicated without these programs that facilitate many of the routine tasks.

Having knowledge of application development and programming is a must today. In fact it is one of the professions of today that is most in demand by companies. Of course, you need specific training in programming to be able to work in this sector.

You have different ways to get money thanks to an app. The first of them is selling your work to companies and individuals that require it . N. However, you can also develop your own applications and make them available to users.

In this case you have to incorporate advertising or include paid subscriptions to get money . Also, it is quite likely that you will have to make an initial investment, for example to pay a designer or a web server to host it.

12.Offers editing and proofreading services

For this you must master grammar and writing. This work consists of elaborating orthotypographic corrections , that is, those related to orotography and punctuation, and style corrections , which are those related to the vocabulary and vocabulary used.

One of the positive aspects of working as a proofreader is that you do not need to invest money initially. However, you will have to move to find a good network of contacts who are interested in your work.

Create your client portfolio using employment portals such as Linkedin or Infojobs.

13.Affiliate Marketing

As this article explains , affiliate marketing is ” an online advertising modality that allows you to earn a commission by promoting products that have been created by other companies or other bloggers, every time you refer a buyer to the seller .”

Simplifying with an example: if you have a literature blog and a reader buys a book on Amazon (or any other bookstore) through a link that you have published in your article, you will get a commission from that sale.

For this to work you need a well-built and positioned blog, with a good community of readers. You should also partner with affiliate marketing platforms: clickbank, Commission Junction or Amazon’s affiliate program.

14.Manage Facebook ads for business

Facebook’s advertising system helps companies to position their products on the market by investing the amount they deem appropriate. Although a social media manager can do this, sometimes an ad content expert is sought .

If you have experience managing advertising on Facebook you will be useful to companies and agencies that are dedicated to this work.

15.Create a podcast and monetize it

Following a podcast has a great advantage that audiovisual media lack: you can be doing anything else while listening to it . Whether with helmets while doing sports, during a trip or on a journey by car.

The phenomenon of podcasts has not gone unnoticed by large companies like Spotify . If you are an expert in any subject (business, culture, science … there are hundreds of options) try to download a recording program, find a quiet place and edit the result .

If you want to monetize the podcast, you need an acceptable number of listeners. In this way you will be able to convince companies to introduce advertising spots , or even sell the product through a subscription.

16.Sell ​​your music on online platforms

If you are a composer you have to take advantage of all the opportunities that the internet offers.
Not only do you have the option to monetize your music thanks to YouTube videos, but there are also specialized platforms in this regard.

CD Baby and Tunecore are some of the portals to which you can upload your compositions and make them available to users. The platform itself is responsible for distributing it on Apple Music, Spotify and Google Play. You will receive a benefit for your copyrights when your music is played on these channels.


This business model has grown thanks to the internet and new technologies. It consists of opening an online store but without having to take care of the product and its storage, packaging and shipping , since this is handled by a wholesale company.

Although you have to manage customer service, billing and the creation of databases. Through online portals such as Prestashop or WooCommerce you can design your store. You will have to work on social networks and Google positioning to get clients.

18.Works as a beta tester for websites

When a company or an individual wants to launch a web page, it must first check that there are no flaws or gaps. Otherwise the experience that is offered to the client may not be entirely good and destroy the entire project.

For this they hire beta testers or testers of web pages. That is, users who are responsible for browsing the page looking for every minimal error or problem that may cause. Any failure they find must be reported to the company for a solution.

On this job portal you can apply for website tester offers. The hour is paid at 5 euros and a maximum of 12 hours per week is worked.

19.Works as a content and document translator

You already know that online translation services don’t always work well. A professional who knows the language skills well will have his place in this market.

An increasingly globalized world needs fluid communication, and the language barrier can be a hindrance in some situations .

Offering your services as a content and document translator does not require a large investment , and you can start looking for clients online now.

On pages like One Hour Translation or Gengo you can register as a translator, pass an initial test and start working. It is you who choose the time and the place from which you carry out the translation work.

20.Publish a book on a desktop publishing platform

It is a good method to obtain passive income. If you have a creative personality or are an expert in a field do not rule out the option of writing a book or a manual to hang it on a desktop publishing platform.

Every time someone buys your book you will receive an amount . If you already have a blog with many readers or a profile on social networks with a lot of movement, you will be able to advertise the book easily.

Amazon, Bubok or Lulu are good platforms to start distributing and publicizing your work.


The advantage of working online is that in most cases you can work at the time you want, and you save a lot on transportation, clothing, etc. On the contrary, working and living in the same place ends up becoming monotonous and boring , and it costs much more to concentrate and not procrastinate. In addition expenses such as electricity, heating or Internet, are at your expense . Keep this in mind when calculating what you earn.

Another important factor is that to work legally you will have to register as a self-employed person . The first year you pay an affordable flat rate, but then you will have to pay about 300 euros a month at least. It is a very important slab that you will have to cover.

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